The Law of Attraction Making A Relationship Grow

by Andrea
(Liecestershire, United Kingdom)

I met a guy a few months ago when I became part of a theatre society. He's a few years older than me, never been married, no kids. Me, on the other hand, have been married and have two kids.

We liked each other almost right after we met. We fancy each other. We enjoy each other’s company, we keep in touch as much as we can. I like him loads, I am in love with him, I love him dearly. I don’t mind the age difference. He doesn’t mind the age difference, he likes me a lot, I know this, and I think he might have strong feelings for me.

BUT, there is one thing he says, he is afraid of failure regarding relationships. He says he just wants to have fun but I know he doesn’t mean that, he hates being alone but he is afraid of having a relationship because he had a very bad time in his last relationship.

She broke his heart, she really hurt him, and I think he thinks that if he moves onto something serious with me, I will do the same to him.

I know he likes me, I am sure of this, and know he would love us to be together but he's afraid to have a relationship.

I have read The Secret and The Master Key System, my favourite books, I believe in the Law of Attraction, I have used it a few times and I use it everyday because I believe on it.

Can I use the Law of Attraction to help our relationship grow? And to move onto something serious?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The simple answer to this is yes…

The Law of Attraction is predominately relationship based, it brings to us the experiences we want, based on our vibrational relationships with them.

So if you wanted an improved relationship, I would suggest that you gravitate to the very best of the relationships that you have now, and as you start to align with the wanted parts of these relationships, the Law of Attraction would respond by lining you up with these wanted things, that you’re aligned with.

What I mean here is that, by giving your attention, your focus, and your energy to the ‘wanted’ parts of your relationships, and by ignoring the ‘unwanted’ parts of them, you will aligning your vibration to your ‘wanted’ experience, and thus, you shall make more of this experience your reality.

This is often the way relationships start. In a new relationship, each partner tends to be on the look out for the things that please them, and as they are unaware of the displeasing parts of their partners behaviour, these displeasing parts don’t manifest themselves that often in their experiences.

However, as this relationship grows, and we start to notice some, not so desirable behaviour, we tend to offer this unwanted behaviour, attention, focus and energy. We align with it vibrationaly, and as a result we see more of this behaviour manifest.

I would suggest that to improve or grow, even to maintain any relationship, you must spend some time concentrating on, “the things I like most about….” And never spend a moment contemplating the things you don’t like.

Make, “the things I like most about….” Your predominate focus, making the best of what you see, a part of your vibration. And then these things you like most about all your relationships, shall become the things you like most about you new reality.

Before I go, just a quick word about your partners fear of pain.

This is his thought, his protection, and his way of preserving or protecting himself. There is nothing you can do about changing the way he thinks, and the more you focus on it, the more it is becoming a part of you.

Ignore this way of thinking, move towards your bliss, your joy, and as this is Law, it is your bliss and your joy that you will find.

Will he ever commit??

Who knows, but if you continue to help him, beat his drum of pain and hurt from the past, he will surely manifest it in the future.

Align to the best of him, and if he is a match to your vibration, you will see the best of him, and from the best times, the best experiences and the best reality, anything can happen.

Chill out and enjoy.


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