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by Tanya

I am in a 3 year committed relationship with my boyfriend, we love each other a lot and really want get married to each other. The problem is that we are both from different communities. My family is very chilled out and cool with the concept of inter community marriages, but his family are very rigid in this aspect, they will never ever accept a girl from another community. Our prospect seems doomed to both of us.

Although marriage is down the line for 4 years, if we think about every aspect, we find no hope of us getting married. Other than intercast we have several other problems, we are totally surrounded by them, so thinking of a future together is next to impossible for us.

Irrespective of this I still want to be with him for the rest of my life.

Please help me to use Law of Attraction so that I can get married to my boy.

My second problem is that my dad's business is not working properly from last few years, and due to which the growth rate for the family is next to negligible in last few years

Please help me so that I can use the Law of Attraction and get the result of both my problems, simultaneously.

Please you are my last resort.

In desperate need of your help


Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

To align to events and circumstances that you want, you must align to them in your thoughts and feelings, regardless of the reality that you think you are set to experience.

The Law of Attraction will bring cooperating events and people to your experience as a result of what you think and feel. What I mean by cooperating is that, the events and the circumstances that we all experience, match the way we think and feel, as do they match the way that everyone thinks and feels who shares our experiences.

You are in a relationship in which you and your partner manifest behavior to each other, to help you to continue your predominant thoughts and feelings. In other words you both cooperate with each other when it comes to what you are attracting. So any change in thought
that you have, when it comes to this relationship, must result in a change to the matching manifestation that you share.

So if you both desire a marriage together, and you both focus on that outcome, holding the thoughts of marriage, and the emotions of marriage, as if marriage already existed, then your cooperative reality shall align to marriage.

How? Who knows, but it will, it is Law.

However, if you think and feel about his family being rigid in their opinions, about them not accepting you, and that your prospects are doomed, the cooperating parts of all these things will align to you, it is Law.

Don’t sweat the details, as the details are always left to a bigger and much greater force, a force that creates worlds, a force that aligns like with like, a force that is, the Law of Attraction.

Focus on your desires, whatever they are, and if your now experience just happens to be without them, think and feel about what you want, not about what isn’t there yet.

This is the secret, this is the answer, this is what I want you to hear, whether it be about marriage, money or business, always, always, and always, focus on what is wanted, not on what is missing.

Of course we can come up with a multitude of reasons for us not having our desires, but in the thinking about the obstacles to perfection, we give those obstacles life and vitality so that they always hold us apart from the things we most want to have.

Focus and what you want, imagine that it exists, and think and feel a match to what you imagine, and it shall be, it is Law.

If you need some help with this follow my 30 Day Law of Attraction WorkBook

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

With Gratitude

John Peace

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Apr 30, 2014
by: Anonymous

i want to know how to attract those things..
just by focusing on it?
for eg i want a big new house so shall i imagine living in that big house every day fr 5 mins nd feel happy about it?
or shall i just keep thinking about that house in my mind..
similarly in this marriage case should she imagine getting married to that guy or should she just imagine living a married life wi
th him??

Apr 30, 2014
by: Anonymous

could you please elaborate on the focusing part?
as to how to attract those things that you are looking for?
for example do you have to imagine what you want for 5-10 mins everday? or do you have to keep thinking about it the whole day?

May 04, 2014
by: John Peace

Step one would be loving where you are, step two would be looking forward to where you are going, and step three would be letting go of how you are going to get there.

Love where you are, because when you think and feel about what it is you dislike about your current situation, you simply add what you dislike to your thoughts and feelings, leading you to align to what you dislike.

To love what you have, keep a notebook and list the things that you are happy with, and spend some time focusing on these things that feel good.

If and when you feel a negative emotion, focus back on to the things that feel good now.

Once you are familiar with what you like, and as you think thoughts of what makes you happy, add a thought that looks forward to where you are going to a statement of what is good now..

For example, “I am enjoying our time together as we share a happy, respectful and fulfilling relationship, and I am looking forward to a time that we can marry and commit to each other completely”.

Can you see that although this statement supports your desire, it does not add any negative emotion to the lack of its manifestation.

Finally to let go of how and when this will happen. If you think these thoughts of how, then you will align to the events, circumstances and people that help you to think like this, and the only reality that could ever match the thoughts of How and When will we marry, has to be a reality in which there is no marriage.

If you find yourself thinking like this, switch your thought to what feels good, and remember that everything will happen in perfect time. Do this by adding to your statement a reminder that everything is on track.

Something like this…

“I know that I am on track and everything is moving forward for me, the timing is always perfect as I continue to enjoy our time together as we share a happy, respectful and fulfilling relationship, and I am looking forward to a time that we can marry and commit to each other completely”..

My Law of Attraction WorkBook will take you through a step-by-step approach to creating these types of affirmations, as you discover how to quickly switch from negative destructive thought to a positive, constructive and creative way of thinking.

This method of using thoughts of happiness, with motion and deactivating impatience can be used for any situation whether it be relationship, finances or health.

May 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

I am eternally happy n grateful for the life god has endowed me with. A happy family, loving parents and perfect life i have ever imagined, Sam and I are happily married to each other...Dad's business is reaching heights day by day, all dreams are being fulfilled... thank you god for all the wealth., health and happiness....

Can I write my affirmations in this manner?? And how many times in a day do I have to write them???

Could you please send me the link to your work book page..

May 10, 2014
by: John Peace

The key to affirmations is how they make you feel, if you feel good when you write down this affirmation then great, but if when you say, “Sam and I are happily married, and Dad’s business is reaching new heights”, because these things are not yet your reality, does saying them make you feel that the reality exists, or does not exist?

Does saying you are married activate any thought that you are not married, or make you think that Sam’s family disapprove? And when you say your Dad’s business is reaching new heights, do you think about the struggle he is having?

The Law of Attraction responds to your thoughts, and your emotions are thoughts, the words you say are not. You may say the right things, but sometimes saying the right things makes you think the wrong things.

If your affirmation activated the emotions of being married, and you father’s success, then it is perfect. If it activated the feelings of not having these things then you may want to take it down a notch, something like this…

“I am eternally happy n grateful for the life god has endowed me with. A happy family, loving parents and perfect life I have ever imagined, Sam and I are very happy, and I am looking forward to being married and sharing our life together. Dad's business has faced some hard times, and I know that the way forward is revealing itself and that it will begin to reach new heights. All dreams are being fulfilled... thank you god for all the wealth., health and happiness.... “

As for how often to write it, I would suggest that you learn it and repeat every morning and every evening, getting into the feeling of what you are saying, then, as you go through your day, when you become aware of a thought of fear, worry or anxiety, repeat your affirmation to change your thought.

I hope this helps.

PS. You’ll find the workbook here…

Feb 20, 2015
i want to strong relationship with my partner
by: Anonymous

I have been in a relationship for 18 months, I have good understanding, trust and communication for my partner but he does not care, give me attention and call, I always call him. His excuse is he is always busy in office or other thing. I love so much I want to marry him but there is an inter cast problem in my relationship. I have been using the law of attraction for 6-7 month but can’t repair my relationship. I made a vision board and daily follow the law of attraction.

Plz help me that my partner gives me more love, care and attention, everything and marriage for me plz reply now plz

Feb 21, 2015
You hold the key
by: John Peace

I can offer you the answer but my guess is that you will have difficulty hearing and accepting what I say.

You cannot apply the Law of Attraction to align a reality to someone, unless that someone is aligned vibrationaly to the reality that you both share.

The way you think and feel produces your vibration, and your vibration is the cause of your experiences, but this will be the case for all things, and the way you boyfriend thinks and feels will be his vibration, and his vibration will align his experiences.

There is not enough thought or feelings that you could ever think and feel that could change his vibration, and as you cannot change his vibration, you cannot change his experience.

If this could ever happen, then as this would be law it would have to happen for everyone, and if that was the case, if he didn’t want you, if he thought and felt about it enough, couldn’t he just change your reality. Even worse, if someone wanted you, and you wanted another, would you accept being the victim of someone else’s desires?

But if our thought and feelings produces our vibration, which then ultimately produce our experiences, aren’t your thoughts about your relationship being manifested to you in exactly the way you are thinking?

If your thoughts and feelings about your partner are that he does not care, give you attention and call, surely this must make up your vibration, and inevitably, this must be your experience.

The simple truth is that your partner does not hold the key to your happiness, you do. And as soon as you start to use your key and think and feel happy, regardless of your circumstances, the sooner you shall add happiness to your vibration. And once you vibrate with happiness you align to it in your experiences, wherever it comes from.

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