The Law of Attraction To Bring Love To My Life

by Aish

How do I attract the ideal guy for me into my life? I have made a detailed list of how I want him to be and how I want the relationship to be like.

There is no particular person in my life. I’m just trying to attract an ideal partner for me. How do I do this?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply
“The Law of Attraction brings to you the things that you most strongly feel about, to the degree that you believe it will.”

You have made the first step to getting what you want. That is deciding what experiences you really desire.

Once you have written down a list of your desires, write them in an affirmation starting with the words I am, I choose, or I intend, something that goes a bit like this...

“I intend to be in a relationship with a man who respects and loves me. A relationship where we’ll understand and appreciate the things we want to experience, and find joy in sharing those experiences.”

Obviously include the experiences you intend to have with your new partner.

Your side of this creation process is to choose your desires, focus on what you choose to have, and enjoy the experience. How it will come to you, when it will come to you and from where it will come to you, are not things that need concern you.

Avoid holding yourself in the place of how, when and where. If you do you will hold yourself in a position of ‘wanting’ (or without), and all the

opportunities to achieve the experiences you desire will go unnoticed. You have to trust that the universe sees things from a far bigger perspective than you or I do.

So how do you manifest this ‘perfect’ relationship?

To begin with, you do it in mind. You consciously think about the qualities, the experience and the harmony that you will have.

If You Intend to be with Someone who Respects You...
Be It In Mind

If You Intend to Live in Happiness and Joy...
Do It In Mind

If You Intend to Have a Loving Relationship...
Have It In Mind

Visualize and Affirm all your desires as often as you can, think about them, look forward to them, see them, get excited about them and be grateful for them. And whenever thoughts of when, where, how and who pop into your head, think again of everything you desire, look forward to them, see them, get excited about them and be grateful for them.

By doing this you will eventually pass your desires as truth to your subconscious, and when you do, they will become a part of you, they will become your beliefs and your emotions.

It is then that you shall see, that your reality really is, exactly what you have most strongly focused upon.

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