The Law of Attraction To Find Love And Almost Lose It

by Teresa
(Dallas, Tx)

Well my best friend and me hit it off, and luckily the father of her kids, who she had married, was away doing time in prison. He was very abusive and mistreated her, and we both always got along and felt an attraction.

Needless to say we ended up dating and falling for each other, but after some time her husband was released from prison and sent to Mexico.

This was tough, as she had to drop everything and go with him, leaving me behind.

Deep inside I knew she was making a mistake and that she should have stayed with me and got divorced.

She left with her kids, and of course the abuse didn’t stop with her husband.

I waited for a long time, and felt to myself that she would come back to me, and she did. One day she called and told me she left him, and she wanted to be with me. It worked!

I later started having doubts about her, that maybe she was dating someone and didn’t want to be with me, and sadly that’s exactly what I got.

I changed my train of thought and concentrated on me and what I truly felt, I knew deep inside that love was still there, it was just hard for her to come across it and accept it, since we are both women....

She always had a hard time accepting our love for each other, and so I saw it in my head that once she figured it out, she would come back to me.

She did and now we live very happily in our home with my 2 step son's.

We are very romantic with each other, and our love life only gets better by the day.

The Law of attraction does work.

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