The Law of Attraction To Get A Guy

by Marie

My best friend's brother is gorgeous. But, aside from that he is just such a great guy, with a fabulous personality. I recently went to a theme park with him and about 15 other people.

We talked a little, but because there was so much action going on that day, it was hard to really get to know each other.

He was then going to come to the lake with us after, but his sister’s phone died so he couldn’t figure out where we were.

Needless to say, I really, really want to go out and get to know him better.

I fully and whole-heartedly believe in the Law of Attraction, and was wondering if it will work to get him to take me on a date/become a relationship.

How do I go about making this happen? Thanks!

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

I’m sorry to say you can’t.

The Law of Attraction is the way by which your experiences are matched to your vibration.

In other words, how you are feeling, that is, what you are thinking about most strongly, results in the experiences you have.

And as this is Law, the same rules apply to everybody.

So this person you are attracted to, will experience a reality based upon what he vibrates.

Therefore, as this persons experiences depend entirely upon his vibration, it would be impossible for you to adjust your vibration, to change his experiences.

This does not mean that you cannot find love, companionship and romance, by correctly applying the Law of Attraction, in fact quite the opposite is true.

If you are feeling or vibrating love, companionship and romance, then through this very principle, that shall be your experience.

Indeed if this is the vibration you have been in, and you have a strange draw towards this person, maybe this is what you have manifested and you need to take some action.

But you need to be careful, for if your vibration up to now has not been positive, and you have a strange draw towards this person, what you may manifest in a relationship with him will certainly match your ‘not so positive’ vibration.

People often search for relationships when they are feeling alone, worthless, unattractive or depressed. And when they pursue the ‘Guy of Their Dreams,’ in this state of mind, the relationship that results, undoubtedly leaves them feeling alone, worthless, unattractive and depressed.

Do you want Love and Romance?

Then learn to vibrate Love and Romance, even if you haven’t got it yet.

Never stop and think about not having it, always keep looking forward to what you will have.
Make Your Actions, Actions of Love and Romance

Make Your Thoughts, Thoughts of Love and Romance

Make Your Expectations, Expectations of Love and Romance

Furnish Your Actions, Your Thoughts and Your Expectations with Faith and Belief, and as you are complying with Law, it will be impossible to keep Your Most Desired Experiences from You.

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