The Law of Attraction To Get Married

by Deep

How can I use the law of attraction to attract the right person and get married?

I do have love for myself and I'm a very confident person. I've always imagined myself being happily married and sharing a life with a special someone, however, what I've attracted are nice people who would share love but at a certain point we would leave one another.

I've never met a man who wanted to commit yet.

It's really starting to get to me as all my friends are already married with kids and I keep thinking what's going wrong with me? As I'm the most successful among them.


Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

When I describe the process of the Law of Attraction, I like to say that, “you attract to your life a cooperative reality as a match to your vibration.”

To expand on that a little, I would say that, “a cooperative reality is one in which the experiences for everyone involved is a match to their specific vibration, as well as your own.” And, “your vibration is made up of all thoughts, feelings and beliefs.”

Therefore, if your reality is attracted as a match to your vibration, and that reality when it comes to relationships, is not what you want it to be, what is it that you are vibrating?

Just reading your question I can start to build a picture of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about relationships.

You think that you have attracted nice people who would share love but at a certain point you would leave one another.

You believe that you’ve never met a man who wanted to commit yet.

You feel that it's really starting to get to you, and keep thinking, “what's going wrong?”

If this is your vibration, it is not surprising that you attract nice people who leave, that they are uncommitted, and that it keeps getting to you. And unless you change the way you vibrate, this cooperative reality will keep repeating, as the nice, uncommitted people, keep aligning themselves to your experience.

So what do you do to change this experience?

You need to change the Cause, not the Effect.

What I mean by this is that you need to change the Cause of this experience, not the experience itself.

Most people, who are faced with an unwanted reality, spend most of their time trying to change the reality. In a case like yours, when each relationship brings an unwanted experience, they move from relationship to relationship wishing that this time, the experience would bring them the things they want.

The trouble is that they are not dealing with the Cause of each relationship they find themselves in, as that Cause is the very vibration they held when this relationship was attracted. What they are doing is trying to manipulate Effects, the reality, which is an impossible thing to do.

To change an experience, you have to change what you are attracting, and as you attract to your life a cooperative reality as a match to your vibration, the change must be to your vibration. Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Up to now, your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about relationships have not brought you the experience you desired. This is because these thoughts, feelings and beliefs do not match your desires, they match a lack of your desires.

These are what I would call Law of Attraction Blockers, or Limiting Beliefs, as they block the experience you desire, because of the limit you have on your thoughts.

Changing these ‘lack of’ thoughts is not very easy, as they are usually well-practised thoughts and feelings. But there are some specific exercises that can help you.

Gratitude is a good starting point, as instead of looking at the unwanted things in your life, you switch your attention to the wanted things. I would suggest that you list the good experiences you have now, and spend some time, every morning and evening, focusing of these good things.

You can also use gratitude to build affirmations to help you control your ‘lack of’ thoughts. Simply repeat your gratitude affirmation at any time that you become aware that you are slipping back to your old way of thinking.

EFT and The Sedona Method are also great tools. And I have also included some effective lessons to uncovering and dealing with Limiting Beliefs, in my Free Unlock The Power Mini-Course.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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Need to marry my boyfriend soon NEW
by: Ritika

We luv a lot and want to marry each orther.How this process will get fast by june 17 i want to marry him


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