The Law of Attraction To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

by Paul Montgomery
(Midlands uk )

My ex girlfriend broke up with me 4 months ago after being together for only a short time. I fell in love with her from day I met her and I've never been so happy and we had such a connection.

When she broke up with me she said she still loved me and before we broke up I used the Law of Attraction so much. But I handled things badly by texting her and family as I found it so hard to get over her. I am normally a very positive and happy man and I’m getting back to the way I was, but still think of her so much, and can't get her out of my head, even though there is no contact and I have deleted her family members off Facebook, to try to move on.

I know deep down she loved me, so how can I get her back? She will always mean the world to me. I just feel that because of all the texts and the way I handled things, it maybe to late (I never did anything bad by her).

A lot of the issues were because she has cancer and was waiting to get the all clear. As yet no one has told me if she is clear, but from the way she is acting on social sites, she is ok. I always want the best for her.

I never handled being apart from someone this badly before, although I have no regrets. I’m back using the Law of Attraction again and I feel that being back with her is meant to be.

Thank you for your help, I would be very grateful for any advice, like I said, I've not been like this about anyone before.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction is the strongest Law that is, and it is the most influential Law that exists in relationships, the question is…. Will you work in harmony with this Law and attract the experiences you desire, or will work in ignorance of this Law and simply attract experiences, good or bad, with no knowledge of why these things happen to you?

Put another way, will you be a victim of circumstance or a master of it?

So how does the Law of Attraction work?

As you think and feel about any given subject, you set a vibrational tone, and as a result of that vibration, the Law of Attraction aligns people, event and circumstances that will help you to stay in that vibration. The Law of Attraction does not align wants, wishes or desires, as it could just as readily align lack, dislikes and the objectionable, it all depends on how you vibrate.

If you think and feel upset, worried, angered or powerless, you vibrate upset, worried, angered or powerless, and if you vibrate this way, the Law of Attraction will align you to people, events and circumstances that help you to think and feel this way.

Where most people go wrong is that they focus on the people, the events and the circumstances, all being a certain way, in order for them to change the way they feel.

When faced by unhappiness and in an attempt to become happy, what many people try to do to is exert pressure on the people, events and circumstances that surround them, hoping that a change in these things will help them, what they fail to understand is by thinking and feeling about what they don’t like they add what they don’t like to their vibration, and of course, the Law of Attraction responds by aligning them to more people, more events and more circumstances that they don’t like.

We have no control over people, we have no control over events and we have no control over circumstances, but we do have control over the way we feel.

So the remedy for any unwanted reality must be a change in the way we think, so I am pleased that you are moving back to the positive and happy person you normally are. It is by being positive and happy that the best things will come to you, and I am certain that is what you were thinking, feeling and vibrating when your girlfriend was first aligned to you.

So will being positive and happy re-align your realities? I have no idea, but I am sure that a positive and happy relationships shall align to you, whether it is with her or not. Yes you were both the best matching experience to each other at one time, but some ones thoughts and feelings must have changed, some ones vibration must have altered in order for their reality to change.

Isn’t it possible that her illness may have manifest thoughts of fear, worry and uncertainty, and if so, her vibration must have been fearful, worrisome and unsure. And if her vibration was this way, was your loving, connected and happy relationship a match to what she was thinking and feeling?

All you can do is focus on your happiness as that is the path to better experiences. By all means contact her and explain your action at the time of your break up, but don’t do it to control her, do it to let her know how you were feeling and that, regardless of how you feel for her, you only wish her to be happy, as you said, “I always want the best for her”.

Remember, the remedy for unhappiness lies within, and with practice it is something that you can always feel. And when you do, your reality will reflect exactly what you are, happy.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

John Peace

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