The Law of Attraction To Pass An Exam

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How to pass an exam by using the Law of Attraction

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The Law of Attraction teacher Charles Haanel, tells us to “Live the spirit of these things, until they become yours by right.” What he is saying here, is the true secret to Unlocking the Law of Attraction.

He is telling us to visualize our goals to harness the power of the Law of Attraction, and that to ‘live in the spirit’ of a thing, is the true way of visualizing.

So how do you visualize?

Picture yourself studying with confidence, being comfortable with your knowledge, and achieving each step of study, as you run up towards your exam.

Next, move to the day of the exam, picture yourself preparing in the morning feeling relaxed and happy, see yourself entering the exam room and opening the paper, with the confidence that you can answer all the questions. Visualize yourself smiling as you write down each question, as each word flows into your brain and through to your pen with ease.

Now move forward to the day of the results, and see yourself opening the envelope containing your grades, feel the emotion that fills your body as you see your pass, feel the pride, the elation and the excitement that overflows from you.

When it comes to getting a certain success in something like an exam, it is important to remain happy and positive, and to visualize the end result.

However, it is quite clear that you cannot achieve a good score in an exam, without taking some action.

You need to take action to improve your knowledge, you need to take action to apply your time, you need to take action to understand your subject, and you need to take action to communicate your understanding.

There are of course other actions you must take.

You will need to be in the exam room on time, you will need to answer all the questions on time, you will need to submit your paper, and of course, receive your results.

All of these actions are a condition of your desired end results, and as these are conditions that have to be met, I would suggest that you include these conditions as ‘achieved conditions’ in your visualization.

In your visualization, see yourself effectively and easily improving your knowledge.

In your visualization, see yourself effectively and easily applying your time.

In your visualization, see yourself effectively and easily communicating your knowledge and understanding.

In your visualization, see yourself arriving to the exam in good time
feeling confident and positive.

In your visualization, see yourself effectively and easily answering all the questions in plenty time.

In your visualization, see yourself submitting your paper feeling pleased and proud of you answers.

And of course, in your visualization, see yourself receiving your results, and feeling the elation of achieving the exact score you anticipated.

The next stage is where you avoid fear and worry.

Why do you need to avoid fear and worry?

These are what we call the Law of Attraction blockers, and undo all your good visualizing work.

Fear and worry and the negative thoughts that enter your mind, for example, will I get the results I need? How will I study? I know I am going to fail? I don’t want to feel the feeling of failure again?

Ok I know that is impossible to never fear or worry ever again, as if you were pulling a switch. These thoughts will enter your mind, and you seem to have no control over them.

But you do have a choice.

Think of these thoughts as unwanted seeds, planted in your brain.

You can either entertain the thought by adding more fears and worries to it, letting it grow uncontrollably, until it destroys all your positive energy.

Or, you can get something for it....

How do you get something for it?

By replacing the negative thought with a positive thought, in your case, each time you have a negative thought about you exams, repeat your goal as an affirmation.

“I continue to be proud, elated and excited, having achieved a pass in my exam.”

The last step is to receive

To receive sounds the simplest to step to take, but quite often it is the hardest to grasp.

Receiving is about recognising signs and opportunity to take you a step nearer to your goal.

Receiving is about always moving forward, never noticing or telling the story about things that don’t seem to be coming your way.

Receiving is the true art of ‘Living the Spirit’ of your goals, as you take up the position of having it now, and are able to express gratitude for the things you are getting in your life.

For more help with these steps, sign up for my Free Unlock The Power Mini-Course, you’ll discover how to combine your emotions to the things you want, making your most desired experiences manifest quickly.


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