The Law of Attraction To Resolve Constant Arguing

by Su
(South Africa)

My partner and I are constantly arguing, we are together for 9 years and not yet married. There is constant interference from his family as we are from different religions. I want this relationship to work out.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

All to often, so many relationships go through a difficult time, after the initial discovery of each other is over.

And all to often, this goes hand in hand with the discovery of something that one or another of the partnership, thinks that the other is doing wrong.

So what is the secret of a happy and loving relationship, with or without interference from other parties?

The Law of Attraction will always align you to your most focused thoughts, and at the beginning of a relationship, the most focused thoughts tend to be on the best of this new person.

This is why new relationships tend to lack major arguments, as each partner focuses on what they like best in this relationship, and as cooperating parts of this experience, each manifest that ‘bestness’ to each other.

But as time passes, the focus on what is best tends to fade, and so to does the ‘bestness’ manifested.

With a lack of ‘bestness’ in this now experience, it is not too uncommon for one or both of you to notice something about each other that is undesirable.

Perhaps, the way something is done, or not done, or the way someone talks to the other, or not talk at all. The lack of consideration, help, or whatever it maybe. And in an effort to change this unwanted and undesirable behaviour, pressure is put on the other to change.

This would be the perfect relationship if you did this, or didn’t do that.

The trouble is, the Law of Attraction will always align you to your most focused thoughts, and if your most focused thoughts tend to be on the worst of this person, then as a cooperating part of this experience, this person must manifest that ‘worstness’ to you.

It is your very attention to the things you dislike about you partner, and his family, that creates the very existence of the things you don’t like.

You must switch your attention to the things you like, in order for the things you like to be manifested.

Invest in a book, and on the top of each page, write a heading for each part of your life, starting with the words, “The Things I Like Best About….”

On page one of the book will be the heading, ‘The Things I Like Best About My Partner’, on page two will be ‘The Things I Like Best About My Partners Family’, and so on, onto your job, your free time, and any part of your life.

Then list these things you like best, and focus your thoughts through meditation, or through silent contemplation, on these things you like best.

Keep these things close to your mind, and when you witness things you do not like, give them no attention, no energy, and no power.

Cut your dislikes off at the source, and allow your likes to grow and flourish.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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