The Law of Attraction To Save My Home

I have been reading about LOA for a while, I wrote down I would like £200 by 21st June then changed it to £300 and by 21st June I had £345, but I knew I was getting 60 from a friend I also had a payment going into my bank on the 21st and I got a small loan I knew I would get so I don't know it was LOA or not.

I do believe I will get all I dream off with LOA and I'm trying so hard not to worry, but I badly need to try and get £2,200 within the next week or so to save my home.

I know worrying will only bring more, but I don't know how to make this work with all the bad stuff happening to me just now.

Can you help me please?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

One of the difficulties in applying the Law of Attraction is that, when people are experiencing something unwanted, the secret to changing this experience is to think about what is wanted, however when you think about what you want, you should not think from a position of wanting, but rather from a position of having, and as your thoughts match having what you do not have, these things shall be drawn to you.

To simplify this I would say that the Law of Attraction responds to your thoughts and emotions, and whatever you think and feel about most of all, circumstances shall be brought to you in order for you to continue to think and feel this way.

In practical terms, if you are experiencing a lack of any kind, the secret to changing this experience is to think about what you desire from a position of already having it, and as your thoughts match having your desires, these things shall be drawn to you.

But when this experience of lack occupies your mind with worry, concern, desperation and fear, how can anyone fill their minds with their desire as if they already existed?

This is a good question and is probably why so many people have problems using the Law of Attraction for their advantage.

The trouble is that as we have unwanted experiences we tend to look beyond the experience to find the remedy for what we do not want, and to the degree we dislike the experience, is to the degree we seem to need the remedy.

For example, if we were a little short of money, aligning to thoughts of having enough money as the remedy for this unwanted experience would not be that difficult, after all, being a little short of something to just having enough are realities that are not to far apart. On the other hand, if we were in a lot of debt, the remedy of having enough money to settle our debt is so far away from our experience that it would be very difficult to focus our minds on such a reality.

In fact, it is the need we feel to sort out our unwanted experiences that actually stops us from manifesting our desires. This is because to need something suggests that we do not have something, and as the Law of Attraction responds to our needy thoughts and emotions, circumstances shall be brought in order for us to continue to think and feel more need.

I grant you, this sounds like an impossible situation, after all, if the remedy for a lack of something is having it, how can you be without it and not need it? Well in truth you can’t, it would be impossible to align your thoughts and emotions to a changed reality, when you felt the lack of the change you needed.

But clearly people do change their realities and to suggest that you cannot align to a different reality from a position of want and need, would be to suggest that we cannot consciously change what we do not want.

The truth is, when we are experiencing something we do not want, the remedy to this experience does not lie in our imagined desires, it actually lies in the reality we already have.

Yes you may believe that the only way you can save your home is to find £2,200, but the reality that you find yourself in is so far away from the reality you desire, how could you ever begin to match your thoughts and emotions to a reality that this desire had already manifest? As you said, your overriding feelings are ones of “badly needing” which can only lead you to one type of reality.

This is when gratitude comes into play, and is probably the most misunderstood part of applying the Law of Attraction.

Why gratitude? Because by focusing on the things you have within your now experience that you are grateful for, you lose the feelings of badly needing to change things, and as a result you align to a new reality that you don’t feel you need to change.

Through expressing gratitude for what you have now you will begin to shine a new light on your experiences, allowing your new experiences to step out of the darkness.

As a practical exercise I would recommend that you list everything in your reality that you are grateful for. This list should include your health, your family, your relationships and your finances.

You may find it difficult to list positive things that have come out of negative experiences, but believe me, they are there.

For example, because of debt you may be grateful for a better appreciation of money, or because of a break up you may be grateful for the love of family and friends.

Once you have listed the things you are grateful for, spend some time each day focusing on that list, and whenever a thought of fear or worry enters your mind, use a gratitude thought to help remove that negative feeling.

As a guide for using this method please download my 30-Day Unlock The Power Workbook.

In addition to using this technique I would also suggest that you take some practical steps to resolve the outstanding debt surrounding your home. In the UK there is an organization called Citizens Advice who will help you set up a plan to deal with any debtors you may have. If you have a mortgage, speak to the Bank or Building Society, if you are in arrears with rent, speak to your landlord.

Take action to resolve this situation and do so with a grateful and happy heart, you will be surprised at the result.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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