The LOA And That Girl

On my friend’s birthday, we went to a shopping center to catch a film (the shopping center had a cinema in it). While we were buying our tickets, I noticed this girl. She was beautiful. She had the most beautiful smile. I fell for her there and then.

But she was with another boy and girl. I assumed that guy was her partner. When we were leaving, I kept thinking will I ever see this girl again? Will I ever get the chance to meet her? Was that guy really her boyfriend?? I dwelled on it for a few minutes but then I dropped it completely.

Several months later, one of my best friends got into a relationship with a girl who he had been seeing for quite a while. One of her best friends happened to be that girl I saw at the cinema that day. I managed to meet her through my friend and since then, we developed a close friendship.

See things can happen if you really believe it!

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