The Means The Universe Will Use

by Susie
(Omaha Nebraska)

Painted Beauty!

Painted Beauty!

My Law of Attraction story is kind of funny, when I see the means the Universe will use to accomplish what we desire. My husband and I live in a huge 7 bedroom Victorian house that has been in need of a good paint job for several years. was the shabbiest paint in the neighbourhood. :( Money was tight and there was no way we could afford to have this monster painted professionally....let alone buy the paint to do it ourselves.

I never lost sight of a nice bright white house even though I knew it would take a "miracle" to ever get this thing painted. Visualize Susie, visualize!

Last September, I received a knock on the door by The Lead Removal Superfund going on here in Eastern Nebraska, saying they were testing houses for lead paint and if we qualified we would get our house scraped and double painted with 25 yr super duper latex paint!

The house paint test was majorly positive for lead paint.... so we ended up getting a $6000 paint job FOR FREE!

Now I’m in the process of manifesting a bunch of other things that would make our life more enjoyable!

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