The Most Inspiring Video You Will Ever Watch

by John Peace

Do you have something you want to achieve? It may be to get fit, lose weight, stop smoking, find a new job, or any number of things you may want to change in your life.

So what is it that can motivate you to go for this goal? What is it that can be inspiration for you to finally reach this achievement?

Well it is nothing complicated, nothing outside of you, in fact, it is one simple act that separates you from not achieving or achieving your goals.

Quite simply, you need to decide.

Before you achieve anything, or better still, before you can succeed at anything, you need to decide to do it, and once you do nothing can stand in your way.

Decide to get fit, decide to lose weight, decide to stop smoking or decide to find a new job, and there is no way that you can fail to reach your goals.

In my own experience, one of my goals was to stop smoking and throughout my days and years as a smoker I tried many things to give up, but could never manage it.

As each year past I would start my ‘giving up’ cycle with a common theme, “I am going to try to give up smoking.”

And as I achieved what I set out to do, that is ‘try to give up’, within a day to a week, I gave up giving up.

You see my decision was to try and give up smoking, and although I felt a failure as I went back to smoking, I had actually achieved what I set out to do, I had tried to give up.

However, I am now a non-smoker so, as you’ll see, I must have been motivated to make a different decision.

This decision came about during what I thought was a desperately uncomfortable experience.

For some reason I had manifested acute appendicitis and was rushed into hospital for surgery.

Unfortunately because my ‘never to me’ attitude, the infection had become quite severe and my hospital stay was longer than it should have been.

During my recovery I shared a room with a man who had been admitted for leg surgery, and because of his poor breathing and poor circulation, was very ill. As you do in hospital, we each discussed our ailments, and he put down his extremely poor health to smoking!

Nothing I hadn’t known about before, but the scary thing was, he was only just over ten years older than me.

That day I decided I would never smoke again. And I never have.

It is the decisions we make that get us to where we want to go, and sometimes we need a little motivation to help us make these decisions.

So look around you…..

Is there something you want to achieve? If so, do you have the motivation to make a decision to achieve it?

Or if you can’t decide for yourself, is there someone in your experience who can help you find that motivation to decide?

Watch this video as it shows you the power of a decision, even it’s a decision made using the motivation of helping another, it’s probably the most inspiring video you will ever watch.

The Most Inspiring Video You Will Ever Watch

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