The One For Me

by Stella
(Abu Dhabi, UAE)

I finally just figured out that we are the creators of our lives. I know how to apply the LOA in all areas of my life. All these events have happened in a month and have led to me to figuring out exactly what I want in my life. I have declared this, visualized it and the universe, my conscious mind and my subconscious minds and in alignment on what I want in regards to my career, and some businesses I want to have.

A few days before this whole transformation I met a man who is witty, funny, kind, has strong family values and fits the description of what I would want in my husband.

We had a instant mental and physical connection and he appeared totally smitten by me. We saw each other twice then he travelled for a week and promised to call me upon his return and he never did. I thought he would call and I've not said anything negative about him not calling.

I have tried not to think about this issue, but I want to get married and know what was holding me back from this before. Now in all other areas of my life I have such clarity and have began acting on making the dreams manifest. Yet with this guy I'm asking myself is he the one?

I want him to be the one. He is such a joy to be with and is a decent, decent man. Why am I hesitant to put him on my vision board and say this is the man I want and I will get him?

Today at work I convinced myself he is the One and have put visual affirmations to make him the One around my desk. I read an article that you act a certain way even if you do not feel it, soon that feeling will be a reality. I understand unless I'm in complete alignment and agreement about him, nothing will happen.

Why do I feel like this is a little forced? Is it because He is not the One or is it because he is not calling me at the moment?

Is he not calling me a sign he is not the One and I should forget him or is it because of all this angst going on in me?

Or I'm I afraid that the LOA won't work by making him mine because this would be such a new reality for me which is so unfamiliar whereas in career and business I've had some brushes with success? Is it because I'm used to failing in this area?

And if he is the One what is my required code of conduct? If I’m supposed to act on what I want, does that mean calling him when he's not calling me?

I am crystal clear on how to apply the law of attraction elsewhere. Why is this such a quagmire?

I just saw the light a month ago. Before I was negative, I was sabotaging myself and so much more we do not want to get into.

I really need your help because the more I stew on it, the more nothing happens.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

As you have said, you are crystal clear on what you want in regards to the other aspects of your life, so it would be good to get crystal clear on what you want for a romantic relationship.

If you want to get married, how do you see your relationship?

Loving, caring, supportive, romance, companionship, etc etc..?

What are the qualities of your romantic experience? And I don’t mean who, I mean the emotional qualities.

And when it comes to these qualities, how do you rate your feelings about them now?

Are you loving, and do you feel in love, are you and do you feel supportive, romantic etc etc…

Or, when it comes to relationships, do you feel the lack?

I ask these questions because the Law of Attraction will always match your vibration, or the way you think and feel, to your experiences. And to get the experiences you wish, you need to adjust your vibration to be a closer match to your desires.

To the best of your ability, align to the vibration of your desires, and the Law of Attraction will respond, and provide you a perfect match to your new and improved vibration.

I know that you can’t go from a vibration of loneliness, to a vibration of certainty, at a flick of a switch. That would take time and take a lot of effort.

But you can definitely go from a vibration of loneliness, to a vibration of hopefulness, and then from a vibration of hopefulness, to a vibration of expectation, and so on to optimism, belief and ultimately certainty, and while you enter the vibration of certainty, you will be a matching vibration to all that you are wanting.

So where are you now? Are you lonely, hopeful, expectant, optimistic, trustful or certain that this relationship experience is coming to you?

Whatever vibration you have, will make it possible for you to predict the result of your likely experience, and if your vibration is anything short of certainty, my first thought of action needed, would be to work on the way you feel.

So what if you believe your vibration to be certain?

This is when you need to listen to your intuition, listen to your gut feeling.

Is this the one? Who knows, but if he was, I think you would have an inclination.

But then again, what does it matter?

If you are certain that this vibration you hold will bring you a loving, caring, supportive, romantic companionship, a marriage full of love and joy, then it does not matter whether this guy is the one or not.

If you are certain, you have no lack in this matter, even though the experience hasn’t quite caught you up.

If you are certain, then if this guy is not the one, then you will know that the one is almost with you.

If you are certain, you do not fear, you do not worry, you know.

So what do you do?

Does it feel good to phone him? If it does, then maybe this is the action needed to move forward, and if you do, regardless of the result, you will be moving forward.

At least you will know, and if it turns out not to be the one you were looking for, at least you can be certain that you are one step closer to what you know you will experience.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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