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If it is the case that our experiences mirror our thoughts and emotions, then in no way can our thoughts and emotions depend upon a condition in our reality. That would defy Law and rob you of the creative power that you hold.

Love comes from within, and through holding the vibration of love within, the matching condition that helps you to maintain this vibration will be found in your experiences. And to search for a condition within your reality that makes you think and feel love, would simply mean that you are looking for love in the wrong place.

You have to choose!

Will you choose to live in love and happiness, trusting that the best and the most ideal match to the way you think and feel will be brought to your reality.

Or will you feel the lack of your desires and attempt to manipulate your reality, thinking that your happiness can only depend on certain things happening in your life experience.

By choosing your thoughts and emotions, you choose your destiny.

The Road to Happiness

This film extracts in this film have been taken from Mac Anderson's and BJ Gallagher's book The Road to Happiness.

This is a lovely book, which is certain to brighten your day with its stories, poetry and pictures.

The book has twenty-one chapters to help you to align with happiness, from using gratitude and forgiveness, and many other effective techniques.

Let go and trust the process.

Happiness is a choice you make, it is not dependant on the conditions that make up your reality, in fact quite the opposite, your happiness creates these conditions, and if you wish to experience it…

Choose It.

And this book will help you make that choice.

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