Creator of The Secret
Rhonda Byrne

The creator of The Secret Rhonda Byrne, tells us that the discovery of a small book called The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles, was the inspiration behind the film The Secret.

What Is The Secret

She discovered the book in 2004 and has made her mission to bring the messages hidden within the pages of Wallace Wattles classic book, to the world.

At the helm of her own successful television production company, Prime Time Productions, Rhonda was ready for something new. She wanted to take Prime Time Productions in a different direction; in a direction that fulfilled people rather than just entertained them.

The film The Secret, uses a documentary format to present the Law of Attraction, which as the film has tagged, "has travelled through centuries to reach you."

It was in 2004, that the creator of The Secret Rhonda Byrne, discovered the laws and principles of the universe. Her life was almost immediately transformed, as she began to put into practice what she had learned.

On that spring day, when a small, old book called The Science of Getting Rich was put into her hands, and Rhonda's whole life suddenly pulled into spectacular focus, she knew exactly what her mission was to become.

She was going to take this knowledge to the world.

She was going to make a movie to carry joy to every corner of the Earth. And so the great journey that was The Secret began.

In early 2005, when The Secret was simply a name and a vision, Prime Time Productions was made up of Rhonda, Producer Paul Harrington, and Director Drew Heriot. For eight weeks Rhonda intensively taught everything she had learned about The Secret to Paul and Drew.

One of Rhonda's initial intentions for the creation of the show was that Prime Time Productions would use The Secret to make The Secret... that it would be an effortless, joyful journey as they attracted everything and everyone that was needed to fulfil the vision.

And right when the company was ready to begin production, as if by magic, the perfect people to make The Secret began to appear.

The day Rhonda arrived in the United States, she had not one interview set up but she had the firm intention.

And in just seven weeks, the team arrived and filmed fifty-two 'teachers' of The Secret.

Wherever the team went, more and more amazing teachers would emerge--great writers, leaders, philosophers, doctors, and scientists.

These teachers created the foundation for The Secret.

Today The Secret is the Prime Time benchmark, and the company's firm intention is to produce work that inspires, uplifts, and, most importantly, continues bringing joy to billions.

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