The Secret To A Happy Relationship

by Cindy

I have used the Law of Attraction to manifest many great things in my life. Most recently I used a "manifesting your soul mate meditation" every day and manifested him 3 weeks later. We have now been together 6 months and things are great.

I was wondering if there is something I can do to make sure the relationship continues to grow. Would visualization be good?

I feel like the meditation I used to attract him is all about asking for someone to come and he's already here so I don't want to confuse the Universe.

Any tricks for keeping what you have manifested?


Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction reflects in our realities a match to our focused thoughts and feelings.

It is these focused or predominant thoughts that I would refer to as our vibration, and as we vibrate, we align to cooperative events, circumstances and people that help us to maintain this vibration.

The word ‘cooperative’ is an important part of this process, as it suggests that our experiences are not random events happening in our lives, but rather, specific things that are aligned to us, to cooperate with the way we think and feel.

However, if the Law of Attraction is a Law, this suggests that these principles do not depend on our knowledge, awareness or application of this process, and as such, must apply to all people at all times.

That is, everyone must have a vibration and everyone must align to cooperative events, circumstances and people, depending on the way they vibrate.

So, not only must each event, every circumstance and all people, cooperate with the vibration we hold as individuals, they must also cooperate with the vibration of each individual who shares this experience.

Almost like a ‘cooperative soup of manifestation’, in which all thought and all feeling is aligned to its corresponding reality.

This is very important to understand because the way we vibrate is ultimately the cause for all successful or failing relationship.

This may seem a bit of a sweeping statement, so I shall try to explain my thinking with a brief analogy of the way most relationships develop.

When two people who are attracted to each other first meet, they will usually start the relationship with curiosity and intrigue, looking for the traits of their new partner that they find most pleasing.

At this early stage of the relationship, (assuming these people are compatible), the thoughts about each other tend to be questions about what they like most.

“What do I like best about the way he speaks?”

“What do I like best about the way she treats me?”

“What do I like best about the way he kisses me?”

“What do I like best about the way she makes love to me?”

We tend to look for the things we like best of this new partner, and as we find these positive things, we start to feel excitement, passion and sexual arousal.

As we have already discussed, the Law of Attraction aligns cooperative events, circumstances and people to our experience, depending on our thoughts and feelings. And as our predominant thoughts are to the best of this new partner, and our predominate feelings are of excitement and passion, our new partner, being a compatible part of this manifestation, offers us more experiences that are best, and make us feel more excited and passionate.

Of course, as with most experiences, there may be unwanted parts to this relationship, but these soon disappear because we are feeling so positive and attracted to this person, and we offer these unwanted parts little of no thought or feeling.

Inevitably, as this ‘new’ relationship continues to develop, and as we begin to know and understand our partners, this quest for the best of each other will draw to an end, and the highly vibrating emotions of excitement, passion and sexual arousal, begin to slow. Yes these highly vibrating emotions do return on occasions, but as this partnership has become loved based, they are not the cement that holds the relationship together.

Again, during this stage of the relationship, there may still be the occasional unwanted experience, possibly a small part of our partner’s behaviour that we don’t really like. But as this romance is not new, and we are no longer searching for the best of this
person, we run the risk of offering these instances to our thought and feeling. And left unchecked, these small displeasing ways our partner acts, can be seen as an obstacle to regaining that highly charged passionate vibration we used to have.

How often have you heard someone say that their marriage or relationship would be perfect, if their partner changed some certain way they had of doing, (or not doing) a certain something?

…if they were more considerate.

…if they were home on time.

…if they helped around the house.

…if they didn’t watch TV all day.

Many people do not realise that it is their very attention to what they do not want, that is the very cause of its manifestation, and as their partners had been the cooperating part of what was best at the beginning of this relationship, it is highly probable that they will easily become the cooperative part of what is worse.

Its really quite ironic that two people who willingly cooperate in each others experiences, are often pushed apart by the very same focus of thought and feeling, that drew them together in the first place. It’s just that the focus has switched from what do I like best, to what do I like least.

So what is the recipe for happiness and a long lasting relationship?

If it is the case that we experience the things that we focus our thoughts and feelings upon, then it must follow that that the inclusion in our minds of what makes us unhappy must then become a part of what we experience.

Happiness does not come from the experiences we encounter, it comes from within. If our predominant thoughts are on what makes us happy, the events, circumstances and people we rendezvous with, will tend to make us feel happy, similarly if we focus on unhappy experience, we shall align to more of the same.

Yes, there will be exceptions to these rules as new experiences come our way, but it is the way we think about these new things that shall determine whether we continue to include them in our future realities.

So the secret to a happy relationship must be this…

Focus your thoughts to the best of what people have to offer you, and for as long as they can offer these things, they shall continue to cooperate in your reality.

As a practical exercise to ensure that you are aligned to the best of what he can offer to you, I would suggest that you list all the best things of your now experience with your boyfriend, and spend some time, each morning and each evening, focusing on these things.

What does he do that you love?

How does he make you feel?

What is the best of this experience?

But of course, as with all experiences, there will be new experiences that you and your boyfriend will share, and some of these new experiences may be unwanted, maybe an offering of behaviour by him that does not make you feel good.

If and when this happens, offer this new unwanted experience no energy. Give it no thought and no feeling, and instead focus your attention to the best of what you have.

By doing this, you will never include any unwanted aspects of this relationship in your vibration, and then, you will never align to re-experience these events. You will cut out unwanted experiences from their source, Your Thought.

Will this exercise ensure a long relationship?

Who knows? But for as long as he can cooperate with your vibration of the ‘best experience you can have’ then he shall continue to remain in your experience. However, if he is unable to provide an experience that cooperates with your thoughts and feelings, he will have to leave your vibration in order for you to continue with these ‘best experiences’.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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Dec 28, 2011
by: Carmelo Millan

Thank you, you've spread light on something that I've struggled with for years.

Aug 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

Cindy what was the meditation you used?

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