The Sedona Method And The Law of Attraction Oppose Each Other

The Sedona Method suggests letting go. And yet the Law of Attraction book I read says to focus on what you want. This is confusing.

Can anyone explain why the opposing points of view?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

These are not opposing points of view, they very much go hand in hand with each other.

Yes it is true, and any Law of Attraction book will tell you, you need to focus on what you are wanting, and the very best way to focus on our desires, is to visualize.

But the mistake that most people make whilst visualizing, is to imagine how their desires look, and forget how they feel.

You see the Law of Attraction aligns things of similar vibration, and the vibration you omit, is your emotion. So, when you visualize, not only must you see your most wanted desires, but more importantly, you must feel your most wanted desires.

Any effective visualization exercise will involve these simple steps;

Find a quiet room, somewhere where you can sit for 15 to 20 minutes without being disturbed.

Think of something, anything that brings you strong positive emotions of love, joy, or gratitude.

Once you are feeling relaxed and positive get into a comfortable position and relax your body.

Start to feel the emotions you have identified with your goal.

Re-live the experience of ‘having it now’ until you can feel the joy in your entire body with all your senses.

It is important to feel it, as this adds emphasis (and speed) to you manifesting your desires. Make sure all your senses are being used. What did it sound like, smell like and feel like.

Really get into the feeling and use this experience to its fullest.

Try to hear those ocean breezes, smell the scent of the pine trees, feel the touch of your fingers on the steering wheel of that car, taste that kiss, and see yourself enjoying your new car, house or relationship, etc.

When you are done, repeat your goal out load and write it down, Say this in a confident and commanding tone and expect it to happen.

But there is one more hurdle to get over, and this is probably the hardest part, and where most people fail at attracting the things they desire to their lives. We call this final step Letting Go.

To begin with, what do I mean by Letting Go?

It is our human nature to look for solutions, certainly without it, we would not have evolved to such intelligent and creative creatures.

In our quest to find the right ways to create our desires, we often overlook ideas and inspirations, because we are bound by our preconceived ideas of what will work or not.

We therefore set goals, and try to achieve our goals based on what we think will work, rather than just going with the flow.

When you turn things over to the universe, you have to understand that the Universe, God, Cosmic Mind, or whatever you want to call it, sees things from a much bigger perspective than you ever could.

So you have to trust that the right opportunities, ideas and circumstances will come to you, at exactly the right moment.

I guess the best way to describe Letting Go, is having Faith And Belief that what you ask for, will come.

When you are not Letting Go, you will hear it in your ‘Brain Chatter’ as it is demonstrated by questions like How, Why, Where and When, that seem to uncontrollably keep popping into your head.

These little thoughts can also express themselves as doubt, criticism, impatience, anger, frustration or worry, and as much as you try to knock them down, they more and stronger they seem to pop back up.

All these uncontrollable thoughts are signs that you are not letting go, and demonstrate an understandable lack of faith and belief that you are experiencing.

The Sedona Method, is a very effective tool to help you let go and remove your negative beliefs and emotions, (follow the links above, there are plenty of free resources).

It works on the basis that letting go of negative emotion, as opposed to bottling it up or expressing it, is a far better way of dealing with our feelings.

Bottling negative emotion can have adverse effect on your aspirations and health, while expressing negative emotion, can have an adverse effect on your friends and in your relationships.

Sedona works in a very simple way, and involves asking yourself three very simple questions, ‘Would I....’ ‘Could I...’ and ‘When...’

So a simple Sedona Exercise would go something like this....
  • “Would I let go of this feeling of __________?”
  • “Could I let go of this feeling of __________?”
  • “When will I let go of this feeling?”
To understand this idea a bit better, have a look at The Sedona Method Video here.


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desire NEW
by: Anonymous

the goal of sedona method is to become desireless
whereas the basis of LOA is that you always have desires, you can not stop it.
how to reconcile these

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