The Woman Who Could Not Make LOA Work... Really!

by Monica
(Gran Canaria, Spain)

About two years ago I bought a book titled "How To Understand The Secret" (roughly the translation as it was in Spanish). I read it, I did all the exercises, I visualized, etc, etc There was some momentary improvement but did not last really and I thought "what a load of b****"

A year later (bad from my perspective, debts, no work prospects, stuck... sounds familiar to anyone??) I went by and found a book titled "Change You Life In 7 Days" from an well-known English hypnotist who uses NLP. I found it more helpful as at least, my confidence grew with the body anchoring exercises. So much of this year just gone I took a very important (and very hard) decision that has allowed me to move forward and feel more independent and not stuck. It was very draining emotionally but I did it.

Meanwhile I longed to understand the Law of Attraction. I got to read the book by Esther & Jerry Hicks "Ask And It Is Given" and practiced some of the exercises, they helped a bit but I did not find any that grasped my spirit.

Later I found Louise Hay. This I connected with but wasn’t completely comfortable with so much love... even though I have persevered with her advice which seem really logical i.e. forget about resentment, criticism, guilt and blame.

The feelings must have helped because then I found THIS site!!!

And FINALLY an explanation that made it clear to me... I wasn’t understanding the Law of Attraction at all, focusing only on my needs and wants, focusing on the lacking...

I have just finished your QuickStart Program and decided it is best for me to focus on the "Best of Now" list and the gratitude, plus the tapping, which I have to say I feel very good with.

This might not be your "typical" success story, just think for me I have managed to get out of a stand-still emotion to one of hope and faith.

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