The 30-Day Unlock The Power WorkBook

"discover what you need to do to 'Raise Your Vibration' and get the Law of Attraction To work in YOUR favor"

John Peace

Hi, I'm John Peace, owner of the, and I would like to welcome you to my 30-Days to Unlock The Power Law of Attraction Workbook.

In this workbook, you will discover what you need to do to 'Raise Your Vibration' and get the Law of Attraction to finally work in your favor.

Each day of this program presents a new lesson that deals with actual real life situations. These lessons will help you to change your unwanted experiences, as you learn to apply the law of Attraction to specific problems.

Each daily lesson is followed by a series of Exercises to 'Raise Your Vibration'.

These exercises are easy to understand, and simple to do, and as you complete each step, you will see the positive change in your life.

By following this course you will learn how to align to the 'best' part of your Now experience, and attract more of these 'best' things to your reality.

You will also learn how to control your thoughts towards the 'bad' things in your Now experience, which is important because as you think about unwanted experiences, your thoughts attract those experiences back to you.

If you control your thoughts, you'll control your experiences.

Discover how to align to the 'best' part of your Now experience, and attract more of these 'best' things to your reality.

Thought awareness is the first step towards mastering the Law of Attraction, and as these exercises build awareness of your thoughts, so you will become more aware of what you are attracting.

Next you will find out the steps needed to change your thoughts from negative to positive, and the results of this change shall show up, as you start to experience more positive things.

If you have tried to apply the Law of Attraction, you have probably tried using visualizations, and the chances are, you've only had limited successes with this method.

It's not that visualizations don't work; it just that, if they haven't worked for you, you probably have some Law of Attraction block that stops them.

The exercises in the 30-Day Unlock The Power WorkBook will help you to remove these blocks, and when you do, your visualizations will become much more powerful and effective, and you will begin to see their results.

The same goes for affirmations, and as you apply these techniques, and create specific affirmations targeted to you and your goals, your affirmations will become powerful statements of who you are, and what you wish to be.

These goals shall be constructed specifically to you, being both believable and achievable, and written in such a way that they are powerfully vibrating intentions.

You will also learn how to effectively apply the Law of Attraction to specific areas in your life. Money and relationships, as well as your health.

The Law of Attraction And Money

Because money can be such an issue for many people I have included specific exercises to deal with any fear or worry you may have about money.

It is this fear and worry that produces a reality of financial insecurity, and by following these exercises you will start to think differently about money.

Your predominant thoughts about money will become a vibration of abundance and plenty, and this change in your 'money vibration' shall be reflected in your financial reality.

It is through your new ability to focus on financial abundance, even though you may be experiencing financial lack, that you will begin to experience an abundant reality.

The Law of Attraction And Relationships

The Law of Attraction plays an overriding role in your relationships too.

In fact, this is when you discover the Golden Rule, and when you follow this rule, people will start to treat you differently, and you will become far more content and happy.

As you move through this course, your life will become full of positive influence, as you stop experiencing the negative part of the people around you.

You will remove arguments and disagreements as your new vibration aligns you to the best of what people have to give to you.

By following this 30-Day program you will change your reality, you will discover why you have not been able to get the Law of Attraction to work for you, and you will be able to adjust your vibration to align to your desires.

You will see that as you have been wanting and needing this change, that it is in fact, the want and need that you have, which has kept your desires away from you.

This is because as you want something, you only align to an experience of more want.

This is the great Law of Attraction dilemma.
How can you see a thing you want, and not want it?

And the answer to this dilemma is the essence of this program, and as you complete each day, you will no longer want and need, you will align to the vibration of having.

And once you vibrate having something, you will attract that thing to you.

30-Days to Unlock The Power makes up the first section of my Law of Attraction training program Unlock The Power of You

And one of the reasons that I have provided this workbook as a separate part of my training program, is because you may very well have be practicing very powerful methods to manifest your desires, but because of your Law of Attraction blockers, your dreams are never realized.

So, if you are ready to master your thoughts and feelings to 'raise your vibration', and 'allow' the Law of Attraction to align you with your dreams and desires, simply follow these instructions, to start your 30-Day journey to change.

To get the 30-Days to Unlock The Power Workbook, simply click on the PayPal button below.

And, if you do not have a PayPal account, don't worry as payments from all major Credit Cards are accepted.

As soon as you payment is complete I will send you instructions to download your own copy of the 30-Days to Unlock The Power Workbook.

Just $27 Dollars

And, if you ever get stuck, I will always be here to offer you help and advice, to make sure you start applying the Law of Attraction as quickly as possible.

In addition to my support, I will offer you a guarantee of success, and at anytime during these 30 Days, if you feel that these exercises are not working for you, Simply Return It And Receive A Full And Courteous Refund.

With clear instructions... You will discover what you need to do, to put the Law of Attraction to work for you, and achieve your goals, dreams and desires.

Still not sure?

It is perfectly understandable if you are hesitating before committing to buy this 30-Day program, after all, you do not know what effect you'll see in your life, and if you are like a lot of other people, you may have tried a few other programs before.

So what makes the 30-Days to Unlock Your Power WorkBook so different?

Rather than let me persuade what this course can do for you, take some time to read through the reviews below.

Self Development Professionals Reviews

These reviews are from people who are involved in the Law of Attraction or Self Development, and they offer their thoughts here out of no personnel gain whatsoever.

Don Weyant Achievement Radio Network

John Peace has given us a path to learn *and* apply the Law Of Attraction that is straight from his heart to ours.

If you are confused about how the Law of Attraction works and how it can work in your life, get this course today. John is a master teacher and understands why so many people struggle with the LOA.

You will need to commit to the work in this course, if you do your vibrational energy will increase and you will see results in your life and business.

I have been in the personal development industry for 15 years and have a degree in Metaphysics. I've seen it all, this is the real deal.

Get the course, do the work and change your life forever.

The difference between truly successful people and those who are not is that successful people do the inner work while others don't.

Don Weyant Founder & CEO
The Achievement Radio Network.

steve norton

The Unlock The Power WorkBook by John Peace gives the reader a clear concise explanation of the Law of Attraction and how to apply it to your life.

This simple yet powerful guide is a must for anyone who is stuck with how to actually apply the law to get real results.

I recommend it highly.

Steve Norton
MNCH Clinical Hypnotherapist and author of The Principles of Life: All you need to know to live the best life ever!

Shonda Taylor

Thirty Days to Unlock Your Power teaches you day by day techniques that enable you raise your vibration up to a level that until now has only been experienced by Law of Attraction Masters.

Shonda Taylor... Life and Success Strategist, author, speaker, motivator, and owner of where everyday life and success strategies encompass the whole-mind, body, and spirit.

David P Kennedy

The Unlock The Power WorkBook will take years off of searching for so many seeking to know the Law of Attraction.

If you are some one that will invest one month of your life... Well let's just say the rest of it will be amazing for you.

I have been involved with the Law of Attraction now for a good many years and through plenty of research and studies, I only wish I had this book back when I first started out. I would have saved myself plenty of time.

The best investment you can ever make in your life is in yourself.

Save years of time and wondering. The Unlock The Power WorkBook will teach just what you need to know on how to create your life the way you want it to be, hands down.

The Law of attraction works and this will teach you how it does.

Change your vibration.

Much success to you John and all who venture on this incredible journey.

David P Kennedy
Author and founder of

the dream holiday book

John Peace does it again!

As usual the work of John Peace gives so much more than it asks.

The 30 Days Unlock the Power Workbook helps the student build an environment in which they can work steadily, peacefully and effectively towards raising not only their vibration but their own awareness.

From day one it provokes you into thinking for the answers for yourself, and to allow yourself time to think before you jump in with the answer!

There are a great number of true-life scenarios explored as examples to the many experiences people are hoping to overcome by practicing the Law of Attraction. The teaching is clear and steady as you learn it is all about the vibration and the best vibration naturally will bring about the best life how do we get this good vibration?

30 Days Unlock the Power Workbook, exactly what it says on the can:

30 continuous days, and in those 30 continuous days you are able to create new and wonderful healthy habits by exploring the suggestions, this will begin to raise your vibration but at your own pace.

These new habits can change your life around, techniques to strengthen the minds health.

This gives you the Power to know this is your life and you can make it what you wish it to be, and you can document it all in your Workbook so you can keep referring to your own work to refresh yourself in needed moments, maybe even years later, when you may discover the truth of how this really did Unlock the Power of You!

Yes you have to put in the time and yes you have to put in the effort, but if you're not worth it then who is?

“Meditation is helpful as you will gain far more control over your thoughts and emotions”

That quote is from the workbook, and it was only through dedicating my time and effort to the meditation set out in the workbook I discovered meditation is a skill well worth developing into habit, and here is your opportunity.

The type of meditation described in the workbook completely set my mind free leaving me void from fears and worries, so free my mind had space to be creative and solutions to any difficulties in my life would flow freely to me.

In my own experience the two greatest parts of this workbook was discovering and working out for myself the benefit of having contrast in life and how to utilize this always for the best outcome, and best of all learning how to spend lots and lots of money!

Oh what fun! I'm not very materialistic so I have never really felt the need to spend spend spend before, but now I see it is important to feel an abundance coming to you day after day and to continue to expect it so it defiantly gets you up on the good vibes and it's a fantastic visualizing tool too.

Everybody loves to spend money even if it is the sensation that something good will happen if you are giving it away!

In summary I feel absolutely fantastic : ) Positive vibes radiate from within and are surrounding me all about.

Thank you John Peace, you have done it again! You truly are a super man!

Zoe Scott-Jones. Author of: The Dream Holiday Book

The 'Unlock The Power Workbook' is unique in that it gives you a detailed 30-day plan to put the Law of Attraction to work for you.

Through the examples, stories, explanations and questions and answers, John gives you insights on subjects such as relationships, money, disagreements and arguments, meditation, gratitude, and visualization.

I had never seen the LOA so clearly and thoroughly explained!

Cristina Diaz

What John Peace has created with this eBook is a step-by-step approach to a full realization of the Law of Attraction in our lives.

LOA seems so easy when we first encounter it. And then we find out that it isn't. Then we decide that it doesn't work. Then we turn our backs on it. Except that we can never really do that.

John's simple, straightforward 30-day approach to teaching this material gets us back on track with the LOA and shows us how to consciously integrate it into our lives.

I recommend this eBook to anyone who is having any difficulty at all figuring out why the LOA doesn't seem to be working for them.

Meg Colby

I could say it is mind blowing. I could tell you that this ebook has the greatest informations. I could tell you how my life changed after applying the knowledge of this ebook.

About 90% of the information isn't new for me. What's new in this book is the Structure, the Motivation and the Care it provides step-by-step, to step in your wanted vibration.

It is like having your own mentor day-by-day.

Mirel George Jozsa

annie loa parenting

In 30 Days to Unlock The Power, John Peace has put together a very comprehensive course designed to turn around anything that is blocking you manifesting change in your life. As the first part of his Law of Attraction Training Course, he uses real life scenarios as examples for us to learn from.

You need to be prepared to commit to some time EACH DAY - maybe up to an hour some days, so don't think just buying this course will suddenly create a quantum shift - though you will certainly start gathering momentum.

Treat this as a gift to yourself to build up some habits that will put a rocket under you. Don't treat it as a chore or homework - the goal here is to focus on recognizing the great things you have in your life right now, so you can attract more of what you want.

John presents a range of scenarios from his readers questions, that he uses as lessons for us to learn from or to reflect on, plus stories and examples from some wonderfully enlightened teachers.

Some of the stories don't have any teaching component, but serve as something for us to ponder. Some people may wish for more of John's insights and teaching, instead of being left to work it out. But usually those stories or examples, are building on something from the previous day, and our reflections will also give our own insights and wisdom to the situation, and hopefully concretize the learning.

Quite a lot of the exercises are repeats from a previous day, but does that matter? No! Developing a practice takes time, and having the focus of a 30 day course is a great way to develop some wonderful habits that will change your life. If you had 30 days with a different process or meditation each day, you would be less likely to master any of them.

There are several themes throughout the 30 days, such as prosperity, gratitude, or relationships and John covers each area really thoroughly. Taking the time to really give yourself the gift of focus, and learning to make these processes part of your day, will have a huge impact.

I love one of John's little statements about looking for what is the best of your now experience. Sure there may be lots you want to change, but learning to appreciate and love right where you are is a very powerful energizer for creating your dreams.

Even if you are pretty on board with the Law of Attraction, this is a great course to really ramp up. Most of these processes I do already use, but having the whole thing packaged up in a 30 day course, is a fantastic way to really boost your alignment with creating the life of your dreams. You can never have too much of a good thing! So would I recommend this course? Most definitely! I'm doing it!

Thanks John, you've given me a wonderful kick start to the year!

Annie Desantis (Parent Coach)

Once we started the e-book -- we committed to finishing it together. We did finish it together and we are very happy we did.

My wife and I found the overall content of the book - as it relates to the Law of Attraction - very insightful.

We like the various scenarios with "questions & answers" that allow the reader to see the different methods (or reasons) why the Law of Attraction will or will not work.

The exercises that you provided allowed us to get a better understanding of the Law of Attraction, and they helped us to become more "open minded" - as it pertains to practicing the law of attraction.

We definitely recommend your e-book for those that are not sure as to why the Law of Attraction is not working for them. It will take them by the hand and clarify many of their misunderstandings.

My wife and I have decided to continue with one of the exercises that you recommend in your book -- vocalizing the things that we are grateful for everyday of the week.

Thanks John for giving me the opportunity to review your e-book --- I learned a lot.

Victor A. Garcia... Dare To Dream Big

Find Inspiration, Motivation and Empowering tools to help you reach your goals.

As is always the case, I made a point of reading the book with an open mind, and wanted to see how it was written, as well as establish that I could relate to the writer, and apply the material to my own life. In short, I am very impressed, and certain that anyone choosing to make active changes in their lives will succeed with this book.

Whilst many people are guilty of buying books that they plan to read, (and put away on the shelf to gather dust), this book is very different, in a positive way. Once I opened the book, and started reading past the usual introductory pages, the style and short exercise format immediately grabbed my attention. I know you are probably as busy as I am, and time is short. Given the pace of life becoming more hectic for most of us, I really appreciated the point style of the writing, as well as exercises, which were broken up into short bursts, for the morning, during the day and also during the evening.

Now, before you think that this is one of those very complex books, please note that it is in fact a very detailed, yet easy to read book, that is clear, and presented in chunks that are easy to digest.

In fact, as per ideas in the book, I have found that from day two, I was feeling better about myself, as part of the first day's exercises included listing everything that we are grateful for.

The exercises are also written in such a way as to build on each other. It's not just about isolated exercises, but rather, the building of a picture and a process.

This Law of Attraction workbook is a book that I recommend you carry with you, either on an e Reader device, or laptop, as it is the sort of book you can open to any day, after the initial 30 day period, and just take the exercises from there.

I fond the eReader option works best for me, as when I have a five minute break at work, or am traveling on public transport, I can easily recharge my internal thoughts and be ready for another session of work and play. Best of all, it is not like you need to read an entire chapter to get the full picture, and given our increasingly hectic lives, think this is an absolute bonus.

I genuinely feel that John Peace has presented an excellent work here. If I may say, the information is not new, if you are a regular student of personal development. However, it is certainly very well presented, and that alone, makes the book a winner in my view. Let's face it, if you can read it easily, and benefit from it, it has served its purpose. I genuinely feel this book will be read by its owners, as it is easy to digest and absorb the material.

I wish you all the very best with your endeavors, and look forward to hearing of your success.

Martin Cohn

An incredible sense of calm and serenity entered my life from Day One of working through John's wonderful creation, the Unlock the Power Workbook.

The daily repetition of the gratitude work is almost hypnotic from the start. He then layers this beautifully, with easy, manageable and powerful techniques to enhance the whole experience.

The daily lessons and stories, taken from real life and reader's questions, make it easy to draw parallels with one's own life experiences whether in relationships, finance, materialism, self-worth, work and career. In fact any area in which you wish to attract abundance.

John's dedication to demystifying the Law of Attraction and correcting commonly held misunderstandings shines through in this work.

I now understand and know how to raise my vibration to make the Law of Attraction work for me.

Life is not only more harmonious, pleasurable and uplifting thanks to Unlock the Power, but new opportunities are opening up for me...and at quite a pace.

Pauline Oliver

Murray Peck

The 30 Day Unlock the Power WorkBook is a must read if you have wondered how to apply The Law Of Attraction to your everyday life and I'm not just talking about relationships.

John has produced an excellent workbook that is well presented as a training manual with exercises and lessons over 30 days.

It is fun to do and believe me when I say, the results for me personally have been amazing!

John discusses in the book how we all need to deal with fear, doubt, worry and uncertainty. He provides us the techniques and the exercises to do this and if you stick with the workbook for the whole 30 days and apply what John teaches, you will notice a significant change, not only in your outlook and approach to life's challenges but also in the way that others perceive you.

Thanks John, you're a great teacher and thank you for explaining what The Law of Attraction really is.

Murray Peck

This program will make every method you have used to apply the Law of Attraction work!

  • If you remember the excited feeling you had when you first heard about the Law of Attraction, and since then you've seen little change.

  • If you get a buzz from your visualizations, but a massive disappointment by their results.

  • If you just can't seem to get this to work.

I guarantee you that in 30 Days from now, if you follow this program... Your Life Will Change!

To Get Started
Click the PayPal Button Below...

Back To The Top

P.S. If you have found it difficult to apply the Law of Attraction, this eBook has been written for you.

P.P.S. If you are wondering if this WorkBook really can work, have a read through some previous students testimonials below....

WorkBook Students Testimonials

I completed the Unlock the Power 30 day program and what an experience!

This has been one of the best experiences in my life and I feel so at peace with myself and with the world. I have marked this date in my diary as the beginning of new me, a new moment and a new journey...

It is difficult to explain the feeling because I feel it in every part of my body!

I also have gone through most of the recommended readings and to be very honest I found these to be very helpful. I have shared this experience and your LOA site with so many of my friends and family in the hope that they too will join the program and the wonderful journey.

One particular book I found to be very powerful is the Chris Dine Healing the Unconscious. One reason being that we do not know how to completely forgive and mean it, and the simple techniques in this book are very very powerful.

I look forward to the readings for section three of the program, as I do believe that I will learn and benefit more from these readings.

Lastly, John Thank You very much for all the free books and links to more books etc and most of all for your guidance.

Stay forever blessed,

Nairobi Kenya

I would like to tell you that I finished reading the book.

Like you mentioned I did not do it in a stretch of 30 days, but had a couple of breaks. I must say that I loved the book.

What is the best part about the book are the questions and the following answers. I myself have faced those questions, like getting the negative results or the vision boards making me feel bad instead of happy.

But the way you have answered those questions, it makes perfect sense.

It is a good read for all those who have tried the Law of Attraction but failed in getting the desired results. Not only that, the book is awesome for starters as well. It helps in getting in to the routine of sending out affirmations and gratitude for your current situation.

I did feel the initial resistance in sending out gratitude but the 30-day period eventually became a habit.

I am currently super happy with my world. Thanks to you. :)

Rinku Devani

I am writing to you to thank you for the Law of Attraction Unlock the Power WorkBook.

I started the course with a lot of questions, worries and frustration with how my life has turned out especially in the last twenty years, with the particular low point being 2010.

I am on Lesson 19 of the WorkBook and loving it. I look forward to the morning and evening exercises and most certainly the daily reminders to think positive thoughts, even when negativity creeps from all corners!

I feel this is also part of the dissolving a huge barrier that has prevented me from manifesting abundance for nearly 30 years.

I recently purchased the Unlock The Power Of You system. I received the program, downloaded everything and sort of glanced at it.

I have to admit.... I received more than I thought I would get for what I paid for it. Something about it made me want to look at it closer.

Well, I am happy to say that as of Thursday, February 17, 2011 I actually received 'Actual Proof' that this program is working for me.

I've been using the workbook and writing everyday. Mind you Thursday, February 17 was only the Day 8 of the program.

What happened?

I saw an extra $2,400 on my paycheck (pre-tax)!

Turns out that there was some money owed to me (I didn't know this) from April 2008! Who knew???

Just the workbook alone has explained things to me in a clear and concise way as never before.

The Law of Attraction works, but if it doesn't.... this workbook explains why.

It's not the law, which will work regardless. It's what you are doing, and how you are feeling. You can't attract anything in your life if you are still feeling that you can't.

This is just the beginning for me. Everyday I am changing and everyday my life is changing.

Thank you for these lessons.

Brooklyn, NY

P.S. Even if all you get is The WorkBook, please don't wait... just get it so that you can "get it!"

Dear John, Just to tell you how impressed I am with the material you have presented in your introductory series.

I enrolled in the Seven laws series and yours at the same time, all I am getting from 7 laws is buy buy buy and NO information and NO value, whereas you have really changed my life with the videos, the ideas and the comments. I have learned so many new concepts from you that I have been searching for for years.

My mind has been opened. Great job

Thanks a million

Best regards

Renier S Meyer

I have searched the web for guidance like this but have come across so many gimmicks that nearly got me to give up the thought for looking any further.

I initially thought there wouldn't be much in your mails either, but something inside me echoed, 'This is it!'. And it was. :o)

I feel like I have stumbled upon the most valuable treasures on Earth.


This is the best site on LOA I have come through so far.

I won't say you will achieve your goal overnight here, but to achieve your goal you need to climb all the steps of ladder such as right technique, belief, confidence, true gratitude attitude, and here it comes, because this program provides you with all this, for sure.

So go ahead guys and embrace your new 'dream come true' life.

All the best.


Hi :) I have just finished the 30 Days Programme To Unlock The Law of Attraction by John Peace and I really found it very useful and valuable. I recommend it to everybody because it gives advices on how to make the Law of Attraction to work...

I was really impressed because it is not easy to move from negative thinking to positive thinking and in this programme explains how to do this change.

The daily stories that are contained in this programme are very useful and made me realise what it was that I was doing wrong in the application of the Law of Attraction.

Furthermore, it contains some daily exercises that made me more strong and confident.

Thank you again for this valuable programme!

Nicosia, Cyprus)

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