This Was Life Changing

I don't remember how many years ago it had been when I first heard of the Law of Attraction. It was years before The Secret came out. I had been dabbling in it but it wasn't until recently that I decided that I need to not only study it but master it.

I was really going through it. Dealing with the death of my oldest son, my finances were in shambles to the point that I didn't even have lights for 5 months.

Well I kept praying, I tried to think positively, I even screamed to God "there has to be something better than this" Then my God sister sent me a book called "Conversations with God". The book seemed to answer many questions I was asking. It was actually a little spooky. Lol.

When I came across this Law of Attraction website, and joined the QuickStart program, I knew that this time would be different, and that this time I was going to "get it". This time I had to go further than visualization techniques, which I have down packed I must say. Lol.

But this started off differently. Dredging up negative emotions and thoughts? What?

But when it was followed with Eft, OMG! That was life changing.

The moment my vibration changed my life began to change before my circumstances did. I was no longer depressed. I had a pep in my step. I felt like I had taken the pill from the movie "Limitless".

I’m currently writing a book and I look forward to what life has to bring. I'm still learning to master the Law of Attraction but when I fall short I deeply and completely forgive myself.

:-D Blessings, Peace & Prosperity.

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