Thoughts Really Become Things

by Alicia
( Brentwood, NY)

I started reading about the Law of Attraction about 6 months ago, but never took it seriously until my life hit rock bottom. I figured what's the worst that could happen.

Every morning and night I would do affirmations on money and a better life. I wrote a list of 3 things. To have money, be a tattoo artist and to be a spiritual guide for people around me.

So I wrote my list and took a pic and put it as my screensaver on my phone so I would say it everyday with feeling. It took about a month, I went to this tattoo shop and the owner told me he would give me a chance I now have a set date to take an exam an begin as an apprentice :)

Also I was losing my house but bumped into a friend that told me I can sell it before they take it.. I'm getting a good lump in my pocket for it :D and as for me being a spiritual guide, I have impacted the lives of 4 people already which makes me feel great inside.

Little do people know that Jesus was trying to tell us this. If your reading this don't lose hope, believe!, its that easy, some of us just have too big of an echo to do so.

I wish u the best!

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