Time To Change My Life Aaround

by MJ

I knew about the law of attraction all my life but just didn't realize that this is what it is. I observed that people who are afraid of something - like falling off the bike - will really fall off the bike once they get on it. People that are afraid of surgery will have a complication during surgery... Somebody believes that they are bad at math - they will really suck at math. Could go on and on...

My own example from a few days ago: I was staying at a hotel room, which had rather small bathroom with a small shelf under the mirror. I put my cosmetic case on that shelf thinking that the shelf is so small that my case may fall off and all my cosmetics will spill on the floor and maybe even break. Assuming that this could happen I took out my toothbrush and placed it in a basket a little further down - I didn't want my toothbrush on the floor!

So guess what... I stepped outside the bathroom and then I hear a splashing noise. I went back to the bathroom to find my toothbrush floating in the toilet!!! It must have slipped somehow to the toilet that was just under the basket!

When I was getting ready for bed my cosmetic case fell and all my cosmetics went crashing on the floor... Just as I was afraid that may happen!

This entire trip was loaded with mishaps. I took only one pair of shoes with me as I was away only for a couple of days. I kind of regretted not taking another pair of shoes. So the first day at the hotel I was sitting at the desk when my heal fell off! I wasn't even walking and the shoes were fairly new! There it was, I was looking at part of the shoe still lying on the floor!

Well, after two days I was heading back home. I had some spare time at the airport and wandered into a bookstore. I found "The Secret" and knew that this was it! This is what it is: like attracts like, bad thoughts materialize into bad events... there really is something about it.

So now I'm going to change my life around and apply the law of attraction. All the hotel shelf’s will be more than big enough for my cosmetic cases! :)

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