To Become Happily Married And Conceive

by Nidhi

I got married 3 years back, but my married life is not good. My husband has a very quiet nature. He does not share his inner feelings with me and we don’t have any children up to now.

Can you tell me how I can use the Law of Attraction to become happily married, and to conceive?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The experiences you have will always be a match to your focused thoughts and feelings.

It is your focused thoughts and feelings, or your most predominate thoughts and feelings, that makes up your vibration, and through the Law of Attraction, your experiences, the opportunities and the circumstances that come to you in your reality, will always be a match to this vibration.

This is Law and it goes without exception, and the only way to change your reality, would be to change the vibration you hold.

If you have an unhappy marriage, it is because you hold an unhappy marriage in your vibration.

If you have difficulty conceiving, it is because you hold this difficulty in your vibration.

The idea that you are vibrating the lack of the things you want, is often a difficult thing to understand, especially when these are things you desire, long for and look forward to having, but it absolutely must be the case.

The Law of Attraction is Law, and is the reason that you experience any reality, and as you are experiencing an unwanted reality, it absolutely must be down to some way of thinking that you have.

Very often I see people who experience an unwanted reality because of their beliefs about what they see around them. But as a belief is just a thought you keep thinking, it is clear that these beliefs about their unwanted reality, are really just practised thought.

If you practise any thought for long enough, it will become a belief, and as this practised thought, must have been a focused thought, and a focused feeling, not only is it a belief, it is a strong part of your vibration.

In your question you started by stating what you believe to be true about your marriage, “My married life is not good. My husband has a very quiet nature. He does not share his inner feelings with me.”

If this is a belief about your marriage, it is also a focused thought and feeling, and as a focused thought and feeling, it is a part of your vibration, and as the Law of Attraction matches your vibration to your reality, it is not surprising that this is the reality you find.

I know that many people will say, “this is not what I have always thought, and our relationship used to be good, I’m just telling you how it is now.”

And maybe there’s some truth to that, but if you think back to the beginning of this relationship, it is very unlikely that you would have worded your question with quite the same statements, in fact, you were probably not in a position to ask it at all.

This has been a gradual process, you experienced something about your husband, which you would have preferred not to experience, but instead of ignoring it, you offered it thought and feeling. You then experienced more of this unwanted reality, and then again, offered it thought and feeling, and so on, and so on.

Yes you may be telling it how it is, but the very act of doing that is offering thought and feelings.

So how do you change this experience?

By simply offering different thoughts and feelings. Choose the best thoughts you can find, about where you are now, what feels good now, what is good now, and offer your thoughts to those good feelings, regardless of the experience you are having.

And because you are adjusting your vibration to the best of now, you will notice more of the best of now, and as you notice more of the best of now, you offer more good thoughts and feelings, and then, slowly and surely, your reality will start to change.

But can this shift in vibration cause you to conceive?

Yes it can. There is no denying that you wish to have a child, and you would say that you are focused on having a child. But when you really think about your feelings towards having a child, which do you notice and feel more?

Is the lack of being pregnant the strongest feeling?

I would guess that it is, and if that is the case, as this is your strongest feeling, it is a part of your vibration, and as we have already seen, the Law of Attraction will always match your experience to your vibration.

The secret is to find happiness and contentness, where you are now, and if you desire a new experience, do not get caught up in the lack of this new experience, simply stay in the vibration of happy now, and look forward to those new experience coming.

This is all supposed to be fun.


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