To Marry My Dr Dream Guy

I would be grateful if you teach me about how to use Law of Attractions, Affirmations, Vision Board etc to marry my dream doctor guy?

Kindly guide me how to picturise my vision board to manifest my doctor guy?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

It can’t be done. The Law of Attraction cannot be used to attract a specific person, or a specific thing in a certain way.

Yes you can attract money, but you cannot choose how that money will come to you.

Yes you can attract a car, but you cannot choose how you are going to attract that car.

Yes you can attract love, but you cannot choose from whom that love will come.

The Law of Attraction will bring to you what you strongly focus upon, it will bring to you a match for you feelings and vibration.

If you want love and companionship, focus on love and companionship, vibrate the feeling of love, and the Law of Attraction will line you up with the things that will give you those feelings.

But learn to let go, to trust that the things you focus on will be part of your future experiences, and stop trying to choose from where those feelings will be manifested.


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