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Think And Grow Rich
Step Ten Transmutation

Although Think and Grow Rich is the best way to train people for success, this chapter on transmutation is the hardest to understand.

Hill talks here about a prime metaphysical understanding of creative energy and how to utilize it. It was also, as he predicted, not until I had passed my fortieth birthday that I actually began to clue into what he was talking about.

We have, culturally, so many moralistic assumptions and beliefs about sexual energy that we prevent ourselves from fully understanding what it is and what it is capable of.

The whole subject is so complex that several books could be, and have been, written about the subject without fully explaining it.

Many women today may understandably be put off by Hill's seemingly sexist attitude.

However, it is a huge mistake to miss the vital importance of Hill's message in this chapter by dismissing his supposed prejudice through some prejudice of one's own.

First, it should be understood that he was immersed in the culture of his times.

Second, it should not be missed that women have a greater innate capacity to consciously use sexual energy and attractiveness to get what they want in life and that many men need to be educated about their own power.

when we train people for success, we see the human mind responds to stimuli, through which it may be "keyed up" to high rates of vibration, known as enthusiasm, creative imagination, intense desire, etc.

The stimuli to which the mind responds most freely are,

The desire for sex expression, Love, A burning desire for fame, power, or financial gain, Money, Music and Friendship between either those of the same sex, or those of the opposite sex.

A Master Mind alliance based upon the harmony of two or more people who ally themselves for spiritual or temporal advancement.

Mutual suffering, such as that experienced by people who are persecuted, Auto-suggestion, Fear and Narcotics and alcohol.

The desire for sex expression comes at the head of the list of stimuli, which most effectively "step-up" the vibrations of the mind and start the "wheels" of physical action. Eight of these stimuli are natural and constructive. Two are destructive.

The list is here presented for the purpose of enabling you to make a comparative study of the major sources of mind stimulation.

From this study, it will be readily seen that the emotion of sex is, by great odds, the most intense and powerful of all mind stimuli.

Sexual energy is also closely related to charisma and charisma attracts not only people, but wealth and power.

When we train people for success, the drive for success is coincidently, often strongest in those who also have a high sexual drive.

The truly empowered person is one who has learned, as Hill says, to transmute much of that sexual energy into creative energy and not squander it in vain physical pursuits.

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