Truth Be Told!

by Jeffrey
(Orlando FL)

I have been studying the LOA for a long time and I was pretty much stuck. I could manifest a parking space, or a cigarette, or small things, but my break through came in early April this year.

I was about to finish the lease on my apartment and I had no money. NO MONEY! maybe 10 bucks. I went forward with my plans anyways. I was applying all I had learned. I would honor the fear but not dwell on it.

What were my plans? To move out of state.

The night before I left my dad called to tell me he had some mail that had been sent to my parents house. I met him at 8 am before the journey. In the mail was an unexpected check for $1200 dollars. I only needed 700. My dad had taken the liberty of cashing it and gave me the cash.

WOO!!!! I still went through some ups and downs and I'm waiting on my dream job to start soon. IT's COMING!!

Today however, I was walking in the HOT ORLANDO HEAT sweating and wanting a cig. I knew all of it would come. I again didn't have any money. I get home and I'm feeling good and aligned. I start doing my laundry and out pops a 10 dollar bill I didn't know I had. WOOT!

There is not 1 but 20 cigs PLUS 6 extra bucks! I now believe the universe does not deliver what we ask for. it delivers something BETTER! just ask believe and receive! The breakthrough's are amazing and once you notice the magic of it all, it just melts your worry away.

You might say, "Cigs aren't healthy!" well, I run 5 miles every night and I am at my perfect weight and health. I never tell the doctors I smoke (10 years now) and I have clean check ups, I like tobacco, sue me :) but the point is, just believe. I do!


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Feb 14, 2012
I love it!!
by: Anonymous

Thanks for this story! Also I like that you don’t show bad conscience for smoking and just accept it and don’t expect it to hurt you anyway.

So you even rise above the most common accepted opinion of "proven" harm of whatever physical. I am a non-smoker, but for example I do strength training and I want to gain muscle mass. Everyone told me that I have to eat A LOT, cause I’m not that type that easily gains muscle... I did that a while and had success, but I came upon a plateau where I could progress, even though I did everything right. I know now, that your body can only fit the picture you have of it.

Now I’m tired of eating more than my stomach wants and working out additionally to my extensive sports training (acrobatics). I heard about people not needing to eat or drink at all without losing weight or dieing. I believe that. So probably source is the only thing that is crucial for our well-being. YESSS I love that!

I create a new picture of me and then just take care of my relationship to source.

It’s that simple :D

Apr 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thank you for this testimony! It was just the BOOST I needed this morning for something that I want. And I'm also like you about the health thing on the enjoyable cigs...

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