Trying To Stay Thinking Positive

I do understand the law of attraction but I have a hard time trying to keep my mind into thinking positive. How can keep my mind in to thinking positive so I can attract success, love and happiness even though I have a lot of negativity around me?

Thank you a lot for your help!

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Hi and thank you for your question,

This is a very difficult thing to get across, how to stay looking forward, when your past, or your present circumstances, don’t seem to allow you to think positively?

It’s very easy to slip into suppressing negative thoughts, especially when you are told to ‘think positively’ or to ‘not entertain the negative.’

You almost get a fear of negative thinking, and try to banish it from your mind altogether.

But where do these negative thoughts go?

Even when you suppress them, they are still there, they are still with you, but even worse, instead of being thoughts you try to control, they become suppressed to your subconscious, they become beliefs about yourself, beliefs that rear their ugly head, and force you to take backward steps instead of moving forward.

So how do you deal with negativity?

By dealing with it, instead of pushing it to the back of your mind to grow and gather strength.

Here are a couple of techniques you could use.

Heal Your Unconscious Pain is a fantastic way of overcoming negativity, this book is written by Chris Dines, author of Power, Love and Abundance.

This e-book is going to show you how to heal yourself. Do not be fooled or judgemental by the simplicity and short content. These tools are Power!

You will need to be ready for the shift you are about to receive, though the shift will happen only when you take action. No action = no results.

So relax and take a deep breath. All is safe and you must be ready to heal because you have attracted this writing.

Click Here To Read Heal Your Unconscious Pain it is written in pdf, so you’ll need Adobe Reader to read it (you should have it on your PC.

EFT is another easy to use technique, and can be used to tackle emotional issues, physiological issues, limiting beliefs and health problems.

My favourite site is Try It On Everything You can discover the vital secret for emotional wholeness and physical relief. You can take your physical and emotional well-being into your own hands. It's simple for anyone to master.

Another great way of dealing with problems and negative issues is The Sedona Method

I would suggest that you read Esther and Jerry Hicks book, Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires another good read which will help you, would be John Grays book How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have

I know that I have suggested a lot of reading, instead of tackling your problem head on, but believe me, I could write a book in answer to your question.

The biggest help I can be is by telling you to deal with these issues, and stop locking them away for a rainy day, I promise you if you keep pushing them to one side, they will be back to haunt you.

I hope I have helped a little, and Good Luck.....


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