Trying To Understand The Law of Attraction

I have a question I'm trying to understand. Do I think what, I want I already have? If I say I want money for all my bills, I should say I have money for my bills. Is that right?

I saw the movie The Secret two years ago, I listened to the audio for months. I still didn't see any changes.

I think I'm a positive person but I need more understanding, I know I can do this I want to do this.

Please help me!!!!!

Thank you

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

You are on the right track, to explain better, here’s the idea as Charles Haanel wrote it.

When Haanel says, “Live the spirit of these things, until they become yours by right,” he is giving us the true secret to unlocking the Law of Attraction.

The expression, “you must hold it in your head, before you hold it in your hand,” sums up quite well what Haanel means.

What he is telling us, is to visualize our goals to harness the power of the Law of Attraction, but to “live in the spirit” of a thing, is the true way of visualizing.

To understand this idea better, let’s have a look at a simple goal setting exercise, and see where many people go wrong.

Your goal is having enough money for your bills.

In writing down such a goal, you could write the phrase, “I want to attract money for my bills,” however, this goal is not very specific,
so you would be better writing, “I want to attract $1,000 Dollars a month to pay all my bills.” (or whatever amount you need).

Many people would write their goals in this way and use all forms of visual and non-visual methods to enforce it, but their goal would never be reached!

You see the Law of Attract is driven by emotion, and the underlying emotion in this goal is “wanting”. Using a goal like this fails to manifest the object, but manifests a stronger feeling of wanting.

To attract money into your life, you need to “live the spirit” of already having it.

Your goal should read something like, “I am enjoying having as much money as I need to pay all my bills, and experience and follow my passions”

To enhance the feelings of having it now, I would take this much further.

I would visit things that represent having this money, for example if it was a new car, I would take it for a test drive and experience the sensations of acceleration, comfort, sound, smell, music etc etc.

I would make up affirmation statements and a vision board.

I would daily visualize the sense of freedom this money has given, and emotionally see myself doing all the things that I could now do, thanks to this financial security.

I hope this helps in some way.


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