Turned my life around

by Shl

I'm a 29 year old male now, and I stumbled upon a book by Abraham-hicks last summer after having gone through a rough time. I read the book cover to cover after the introduction had just sparked a seed of knowing that this information resonated a deep truth within me. I learnt over the months that this would be a gradual transformative effort, and that the key is to delicately ease yourself into higher vibrations so that they can then become stable.

Well after one year of practicing techniques the majority or essence of what I wanted has come into my life. I have regained my magnificent health, my body is feeling better then ever before. I am soon to be married to a woman whom is very much so my soulmate and who's daughter is the apple of my eye. We have been taking trips all summer and are planning on buying a home together. Financially money has kept flowing into my experience in a very natural and plentiful way.

My mind gas has also become far more relaxed and calm, I am able to easily direct my Ferlinghetti to more positive places, and a lot of this is accomplished not by visualizations but my writing or drawing of how things are going to be great in my life. The writing and drawing aspects are key to this process since they allow a much more tactile control over your thoughts and feelings....and it is like creating something right away!

A year in my life has never been better, however it always feels as though I could feel even better. There is this interesting feeling of reaching a vibrational level, then a plateau is present. So apparently this process can go on infinitely :)

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Aug 31, 2010
by: Anonymous

I like this!

Jan 17, 2011
Which Book?
by: Nat

Thank You
very much for you post. Congrats on all your success.I would like to know which book you read? I'm currently ready " Ask and it is Given".

P.S. I loved your the fact that your wife daughter means so much to you. That is truly beautiful.

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