The Secret Teacher, Mike Dooley
And The TUT Adventurers Club

Mike Dooley went from a company drop-out with no mission to a man with a giant mission. And his company Totally Unique Thoughts or TUT helps people go for their dreams. Here's his story...

Mike Dooley didn't know what he was going to do.

He quit his job at Price Waterhouse. He left the company, his security, and his home. He went to Orlando and sat there, lost and confused, waiting for direction. None came.

Meanwhile, his brother was making some money from royalties on a few t-shirts he had designed.

So Mike, his brother, and later their mother, went into the t-shirt business, calling their business TUT, for Totally Unique T-shirts.

Everyone from Disney to Macy's bought and sold them. Within ten years they sold more than one million shirts. Life was good.

But as the market began to change, and major buyers began to make their own t-shirts, the family decided to stop business.

Mike Dooley Portrait Photo

The artistic brother began a career as an actor and comic.

The enterprising mother, who had already written two books, began a full-time career as a writer.

Mike decided to buy out the family business, which by that time had come to be known as "Totally Unique Thoughts", and run it himself.

The most popular t-shirts had always been the ones with inspiring or spiritual sayings, so Mike decided to offer a Monday Morning Motivator by
e-mail to TUT’s loyal list of followers.

The Monday memos were usually poems.

His list was originally just several dozen people, those who had signed a guest book in their stores, but his band of followers at the time the stores closed was up to 1,000 names.

Instead of writing to these people with an opening that said, "Dear loyal t-shirt customer...," Mike decided on a more unique approach.

He created an the TUT Adventurers Club and Mike's Monday Morning Memos caught on.

People loved the inspiring weekly poetry and his subscriber base grew to 3,000 names.

In 2001, Mike decided to take the biggest leap of faith of all and recorded an Audio Package called 'Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams.' This was a turning point for Mike's online business.

While he's never asked for a single testimonial for his tapes, he has at this point collected an overwhelming amount of them, here are a few.

My spirit soars as I listen... so happy to have "you" in my life.

I was blown away! I squealed with delight!

I'm listening to the tapes repeatedly... EXCELLENT material, endless new perspectives, spin offs...your words have set me in motion!

While Mike has added a daily e-memo to his weekly ones, he has never advertised, done any publicity, or implemented any marketing.

His tape sales come from word-of-mouth sharing. His database is currently 5,000 hot names, and growing. He plans to consider using pay-for-click services to build his database.

Next he'll focus on his affiliate program, which he just added to his site.

In short, Mike went from a company dropout with no mission to a man with a giant mission.

And he uses the Internet as his primary vehicle to help people go for their dreams.

His main marketing tool is his "Enlightenment-by-E-mail" daily and weekly inspiring messages, which continue to be free.

What's his advice for building a successful business and making your own TUT, Totally Unique Thoughts, come true?

"As clearly as possible define the end result of what you want in emotional terms," he advises. "Get into that emotion now, even before you start working for the dream or even quitting your job. Having the end result firmly in mind now will help you weather any setbacks that may occur later."

"And don't worry about how you will get to that end result," he adds. "There are a million ways to achieve success or wealth, or whatever you want. Don't tie the hands of the universe by thinking it has to come in one certain way. The universe has 'Infinite Possibilities' at its beck and call. Trust it."

The Universe is ALIVE in the unseen, and active in all of your affairs. Learn how to use it.

Check out the TUT Web Site and sign up for the "Enlightenment-by-E-mail" daily and weekly inspiring messages, which continue to be free.

Notes from the Universe.
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