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by Aisha

I met a guy on a matrimony website and really liked him. Even he was interested and we talked for about 2 months. After meeting each other, he said he liked me a lot but he thinks he is still in love with his ex. And I was so much emotionally attached to him. I had this gut feeling right from the start that, “he is the one…” because I met him after making a list of all the qualities I always wanted in my life partner... And believe me, he matched them totally.

But I couldn't understand why this happened suddenly, when everything was going so well... then I read the secret and realised that it my own negative thoughts. Later, I started visualising that this same guy called me back and asked me to marry him. I don't know why and how but I had a strong belief that he is the perfect one for me.

After three months, he called me back and now since last 4 months we are talking on phone...I am truly enjoying the long conversations with him. I told him about my feelings for him. Even he is interested, but he said that he still hasn't thought surely about the marriage. He is doing a course after which he would get a good job and probably then he might feel like getting married.

I am already in love with him and I really have faith that I am going to marry him. I feel him with me. I am waiting for his course to get over. Even my parents are a bit worried, as I am not looking for other guys. Because I believe that it will confirm my desire and belief that I am already married to this guy.

Could you please give me some input on this?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction works through our predominant thoughts and feelings, this I call our vibration, and the Law of Attraction uses this vibration to align all cooperative events, people, circumstances and opportunities, into our reality to match this vibration.

It does not matter whether these events, people, circumstances and opportunities are wanted or not, what matters is that they match our vibration, and that they are cooperative.

For instance, if you had a strong desire to be with someone who you were not with, and your predominant thoughts and feelings were of being without this person, or missing him, or being alone, then your vibration would be one of loneliness and lack, therefore the Law of Attraction would
align you with cooperative events, people, circumstances and opportunities, to make you feel more lonely and more lack.

What do I mean by cooperative?

Cooperative means that they would match your vibration, as well as other people’s vibration, to be able to manifest in harmony with everyone involved.

In the example above, where you would be aligned with someone who makes you feel more lack, the reality for you both, would have to match both of your vibrations.

If the Law of Attraction is based purely on vibration, why does The Secret tell you to visualize your desires?

The purpose of visualization is not to see the reality you desire, it is to feel the reality you desire. When you visualize, you add the feeling of, “what it would be like to have this reality now”, and carry that vibration with you.

The Law of Attraction author Charles Haanel called this, “living the spirit of a thing”, and when you carry the vibration, or the spirit of the things you desire, those things become your experience.

So if your desire is to have a life partner with certain qualities, live the spirit of having that life partner today. Do not want it, as wanting leads you to more wanting. Do not need it, as needing leads you to more needing. Simply vibrate having it now, as a vibration of having your desires now, will lead to actually having your desires tomorrow.

But there is something to be wary of here.

By setting your heart on one specific person, whether or not he is a cooperative match for your desires, can make things difficult for you.

Assuming that this guy is a cooperative match, and you make this guy the sole object of your desires, then you run the risk of carrying a vibration of being without him, of missing him, of not being with him, or lacking him, and as your reality will always reflect your vibration, you are setting yourself to experience a reality of being without, missing and lacking him.

If you desire a life partner, live the spirit of having that life partner today, vibrate this relationship as if it already existed now, and it shall become a reality for you soon.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…



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