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Hi John, I am now in a healthy loving relationship with someone. We both are in love and respect each other and our relation continue to blossom everyday. However I intend to get married and have a wonderful family and as you said that we can not attract a specific person because we can not manifest in another's reality, so what I am doing everyday is feel the feeling of being married and feel the feeling of having a wonderful family with wonderful house for our beautiful children.

I visualize, say my affirmation, feel the feeling and sometimes even have tears in my eyes when I say thank you for it as I feel that it is already a reality.

Right now I just keep saying thank you for the wonderful relationship that I have but at the same time also focus to what I want, which is getting married. I don't know whether our relation will lead to marriage. I just believe that I am married, I know that I am receiving it now and I am not suppose to worry about how when and whom.

Am I doing the right thing?

Feel blessed and say thank you for our current relationship and at the same time focus of getting married and not to worry about the vehicle?

Can you also help me with a sample of specific marriage affirmation. Thank you so much and hoping your fast reply (^_^).

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All to often people look and the reality they are experiencing, and express thoughts of what they most dislike, and would most like to change. And as the Law of Attraction gives us what we most strongly focus our thoughts on, it is not surprising that these people have so many problems getting away from their unwanted experiences.

This is the importance of gratitude, because as you focus on the things in your now reality that you are grateful for, the Law of Attraction aligns you to more things that make you feel grateful.

So what I would say to anyone, as a first step to applying the Law of Attraction, is this, “Whatever your experience now, find the best of what you have, and focus fully on that before you try to focus on a different experience.”

For you, when it come to relationships, this should easy, as you have an healthy loving relationship now, and the absolute best thing to think about that, is healthy thought, loving thought and happy thought.

In short, yes you are doing the right thing. You are thinking thoughts that continue to help your relationship blossom, you are offering thoughts to the direction of your new experience, and you are letting go of the source for this experience.

My best advice would be to continue to do what you are doing, for as long as what you are doing makes you feel as good as it has been.

Your affirmations need to acknowledge your gratitude for where you are, as well as offer an indication for where you are going.

To structure the best affirmation I would suggest that you start with the words I Am, as this is a statement of self, and there is no stronger affirmation. I would then structure your gratitude thoughts of your now experience as a statement, and follow with a sentence of where you are going.

Something like the opening statement in your question….

I am happy and thankful that I continue to experience a healthy, loving and respectful relationship with someone, that continues to blossom everyday. And I am looking forward to being married and having a wonderful family

Your visualizations are less important at the moment, but for as long as they feel good, I would continue to do them.

But if you ever feel frustrated that you do not see the things you are focusing on, it may be worth considering stopping visualizing until you have removed the frustrating thoughts.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…



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Aug 27, 2010
Whatever you believe and affirm will be your reality
by: Ivanka Bajri

Hi there,

Just keep on seeing yourself happily married and with children. The universe will set it all up for you and show you as well if it is meant to be with your current lady or with someone new.

Also, Let completely go of your attachment to having it now. Sometimes we stand in our own way. Visualise it as having it now and then let it go on a daily basis and do whatever you are normally doing.

Our reality will be what we create through our thoughts, feelings, expectations, words and beliefs.

You can create any reality you desire with whomever you desire provided your intentions, vibrations etc. match and are meant to be together. Your job is focussing on you as we can never create for someone else. Whatever, You decide and create for yourself, I wish you that it is the right decision for you in the long term.

Really search yourself and be totally honest with yourself what you need in a marriage and what kind of a lady you would like to marry.

Lots of people only go for what they really want which is kewl, but they forgot what they really need (not talking about in a needy way, but what they absolutely must have in a marriage partner). They get what they want, but dont also get what they really honestly must have, because thats who they are. And then, Sometimes people can feel unfulfilled.

So, What do you absolutely need to have in a marriage partner with regards to what type of soul they are, how they look, personality etc.?

May GOD bless you and I am sure you will make the right decision for you whatever that decision will be it will be the one for you. All the best Your friend Ivanka

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