Understanding The Law of Attraction And Relationships

by Danny
(Hamilton, New Zealand)

My problem is that I have met a man who I am in love with. He came from a bad relationship one and a half years ago and despite him having feelings for me, and caring about me, he says he wants to be free.

He says he wants to be with me, but more of him wants to be free to see other people and not be tied down.

He says he would be living with me as a couple if he wasn’t moving to Dubai in a few months.

He has moved in as a flatmate, a few weeks ago, and we were intimate and both living and acting like a couple, until we had a minor tiff which has resulted in us cutting all intimacy and "couple like behaviour".

I am in love with this man and want to be with this man, but I am afraid to pursue him further and witness seeing him with other people.

I strongly believe we will make a wonderful couple and we will be a couple, one day. But for now the thought of trying to be romantic etc for a lost cause, right in this moment is devastating.

What action should I take? Or should I just go with the flow?

Thank you for having the time and heart to respond to my request.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

I definitely think that you should go with the flow, but more precisely, define what you want, live as if you have it now, stop looking for the how’s, when’s and where’s, let go, have faith, let others be themselves, and then, just see where it takes you.

Let’s break it down a bit…

Define what you want and live as if you have it now, this is the true art of asking.

Deciding what you want is a powerful first step, this is when we take all the things we like and don’t like, and decide what it is we want to experience.

Most people spend most of their focused thought on what they don’t want, and since the Law of Attraction gives you your experiences, based on your focused thoughts, they all to often attract more unwanted experiences.

Now when I say we, “decide what it is we want to experience,” I don’t mean the source of the experience, i.e. the person, what I mean is the actual experience itself.

Once you know what you want, you then need to adjust your vibration to it.

The Law of Attraction responds to your vibration, which is made up of your emotions, thoughts and beliefs. So when your emotions, thoughts and beliefs are the same as the emotions, thoughts and beliefs you’ll have when you have your desires, you shall be a vibrational match to the things you want, and therefore these desires shall be manifested.

Stop looking for the how’s, when’s and where’s, is the art of letting go.

If you already have your desires vibrationaly, as soon as you wonder how, when and where, that vibration is lost. You need to hold the vibration of having your desires now.

Asking how, when and where, or becoming impatient, frustrated and desperate, is having a vibration of without, and as the Law of Attraction will always match your vibration, your experience shall be one of without.

You need to let others be themselves.

You can never manifest in another’s reality, you can never wish, force or pressure for change in another. You do not need anyone else to behave in any particular way to be happy, it is all down to you.

If you push another, they shall push back, they shall reinforce their beliefs, and you will only strengthen the very change you wish to see.

Instead of trying to change others to your way of thinking, let them be themselves. Never think about what you don’t like, instead positively reinforce what it is you do like about them, make your likes of them, part of your vibration, and it is these positive aspects of your relationships that will become more of your experience.

And then, just go with the flow….



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