Understanding The Law of Attraction - Finished With Him And Now I Want Him Back

by Paula

I was seeing this bloke for a few months and had the most amazing connection, however as the months went on, the connection started to die a little and I started fearing I would lose him.

He didn’t leave but instead started to treat me badly. I’ve read The Secret and Law of Attraction guides, so now I see how my thoughts caused this.

Long story short I finished things with him against my wishes, but felt it was the right thing to do and he was quite upset.

I now realise I want him back. Were both still in contact but I would really love to get back to where we were at the start...

Thanks for your time

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

I’m glad to see that you are aware that your thoughts to your ‘unwanted’ experience with your boyfriend, resulted in the manifestation of the very thing you did not want to experience; this is a very powerful lesson.

It’s a shame that you didn’t try to change your thought towards him, rather than jumping to change the reality.

Understand that it is thought that creates reality, nothing else, then no running, hiding, or forcing of change, to an unwanted experience, can produce a wanted experience, unless you attend to thought.

Many people try this when they are faced with undesirable situations and circumstances. They change their partners, their jobs and their friends, in a quest to find a reality that pleases them, when all they find, is more of the same.

More partners that don’t behave in the way that pleases them, more jobs that make them feel just as unsatisfied, and new friends, who end up being just like the last lot of friends they just dropped.

This is because they never tend to the cause of the problems, their thought. They just chop up the effects, hoping that the newer version will be a bit better than the last one.

How many stories have you heard, when abused partners ending a relationship, only to walk right back into a relationship with a new, abusing partner.

This is because the creating part of this arrangement is mind, and unless you change the way you think, the more likely you are to get what you fear and worry about the most.

So if it is thought that creates an experience, what thought would bring this guy back to you?

Well, as it is your thought that defines your reality, it must be his thought that defines his, so there is very little you can do to adjust your thought, to manifest a different experience in his reality.

However, what the Law of Attraction does rely on is that there must be a cooperative experience between realities. In other words, the reality that you manifest must match your thought, as well as the thought of the people with whom you share your experience.

For example, if you were to think the thoughts of being in the perfect relationship, the resulting relationship, and the resulting experience, must be a cooperative match to the person manifested into your reality.

And, as your ex boyfriend has been a cooperative part of your perfect relationship, there is nothing to say that he will not be again.

The thing to do is to think and feel a match to the existence of the perfect relationship, and if he can be the cooperative part of that reality, you give him the best opportunity to be that. If he cannot, he shall vibrate right out of your reality.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…



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Aug 16, 2010
Let it go
by: Dr. Erica Goodstone

Great post. That boyfriend arrived in her life because of his and her thoughts and desires at the time. They fit perfectly together for awhile and then one or both began to have some negative thoughts. All she can realy do at this point is to let him go, holding positive, loving thoughts about him. If he is tuned in and open to her, he will return. If not, he is already gone and there is not much to do but keep focusing on what she wants - not a specific person but the type of love relationship she truly desires.

Aug 20, 2010
Our Thoughts
by: Pat and Lorna Shanks


It is our thoughts that create our reality... and what we receive in our lives.
And we agree... we also need to understand what thoughts the others in our lives have in certain circumstances so that we are in harmony with them and create a situation that's mutually beneficial.

~ Pat and Lorna

Aug 21, 2010
Your thoughts determine your reality
by: Michael Berry

I loved particularly one paragraph that I believe sums it up perfectly. "Well, as it is your thought that defines your reality, it must be his thought that defines his, so there is very little you can do to adjust your thought, to manifest a different experience in his reality."

Thanks for the post,


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