Understanding The Law of Attraction Why Men Pull Away?

by Sherrie Curry
(Shreveport, LA)

My boyfriend has pulled away from me two times..... I don't know what to do... I feel that he is my soulmate. What should I do?

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Our reality is always a match to our thoughts and emotions, and what we think, and what we feel, will align us to experiences that are a match.

When we think we set a vibration and it is to this vibration that the Law of Attraction aligns corresponding events, circumstances and people.

This Law is a relentless Law, and it works for each person or thing that can think. Of course, being aware of the concept of past and future, people get to consciously choose what they think and feel, and as a result, can consciously choose their experiences.

The title of your question is actually the answer to it, because when you ask, “Why Men Pull Away?”, my simplest answer would be, because you think and feel that men pull away.

It is your belief that men will eventually pull away that actually aligns you to a reality that men must pull away, which in turn demonstrates that the Law of Attraction is an actual Law.

Of course you do not wish for or desire this reality, but the Law of Attraction does not align you to wishes and desires, it aligns you to what you vibrate, what you think and feel. The Law of Attraction relentlessly aligns you to what you believe.

So how can you cooperate with this Law so that it does bring you your desires, not your fears?

Simply by focusing your thoughts and feelings to the idea or your desires, instead of contemplating the experiences you do not wish to happen.

In other words, by changing your mind.

To do this I would suggest that you invest in a notebook and write down all the experiences that are happening in your life that make you happy, the things you desire and are grateful for. Call this notebook, “The Things I Like Best About….” And for each area of your life write down the things you like best about them.

Perhaps by using a page for each area of your life so it’s easy to remember when you find yourself criticizing or complaining about a certain thing.

The Things I Like Best About Work

The Things I Like Best About My Boyfriend

The Things I Like Best About My Family

The Things I Like Best About My Friends

The Things I Like Best About My Home

The Things I Like Best About My Finances

Even if these areas of your life don’t represent what you want, perhaps your family relationships or finances might not be ideal, still try to list what you like best about these areas that seem to lack.

In fact, if you feel you lack in certain areas, as this lack is caused by thoughts and feelings of lack, it is all the more important to come up with some aspects of these areas that please you.

Once you have listed the things you like best about your life experience, spend some time each morning, and each evening, focusing on your list so that the thought of them becomes part of you.

And as you become more familiar with what you like, each time you think a thought or have a feeling that seems less than what you like, focus your mind back to what you like best about….

For example, while you are enjoying your relationship with your boyfriend, and you are thinking about and noticing everything you like about him, as soon as he offers an experience to you that displeases you, or if you feel a fear of him leaving you, instead of contemplating, complaining or commenting about this experience, focus you mind to what you like best.

Remember, when we think, we set a vibration, and it is to this vibration that the Law of Attraction aligns corresponding events, circumstances and people. So by choosing your thoughts, you choose your experience.

Of course this will not make him stay with you, as his thoughts will choose his experiences, but it will give him the best opportunity to cooperate with the best thoughts you have about him, so that he cannot be forced away by a vibration you hold, about men pulling away.

If you choose what you think, the best events, the ideal circumstances and the perfect people will align to your reality so that your thoughts can be manifest, that is Law.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

With Gratitude

John Peace

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