Unlock The Power of You Review

by Micky
(Brooklyn, NY)

I recently purchased the Unlock The Power Of You system. After all, I had received an email telling me that I could save (I think it was 70% off the original price) of $97. I thought why not?

I received the program, downloaded everything and sort of glanced at it.

I have to admit.... I received more than I thought I would get for what I paid for it. Something about it made me want to look at it closer.

Well, I am happy to say that as of Thursday, February 17, 2011 I actually received "Actual Proof" that this program is working for me. I've been using the workbook and writing everyday. Mind you Thursday, February 17 was only the Day 8 of the program. What happened? I saw an extra $2,400 on my paycheck (pre-tax). Turns out that there was some money owed to me (I didn't know this) from April 2008! Who knew???

Just the workbook alone has explained things to me in a clear and concise way as never before. The Law of Attraction works, but if it doesn't.... this workbook explains why. It's not the law, which will work regardless. It's what you are doing, and how you are feeling. You can't attract anything in your life if you are still feeling that you can't.

This is just the beginning for me. Everyday I am changing and everyday my life is changing. Thank you for these lessons.

P.S. Even if all you get is The WorkBook, please don't wait... just get it so that you can "get it!"

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Pretty Strong Stuff
by: David

John, This quickstart program is pretty strong stuff. I mean I cant even begin to tell you how excited I am to have landed all this information in one site.

I'm deciding to read each step mon-fri each week for personal development.

I just wanted to thank you all of this and I know this will be life changing.

I'll be sure to update you on the changes that have come my way as the weeks and months progress.

Regards David,

I'm endlessly grateful
by: Tania

Although when I discovered the law of attraction, I knew I was on to something life changing, I felt apprehensive about how I was going to adapt the way I had been conditioned to think the 27 years prior.

The Unlock the Power, Quick Start Program was just what I needed in order to implement the law of attraction into my life quickly and easily.

John provides a step by step guide that is easy to understand, fun and informative. He is also on hand to help if you just send an email - you feel guided in the right direction and John takes you just far enough until you are ready to fly to new heights by yourself.

You really get the sense that John is about more than just revenue - he is genuine and passionate about this and you will be too when you Unlock the Power of You!!!

Thank you John, I'm endlessly grateful.

--Tania xxx

These lessons are so great
by: Malindi

Hi John, I have really found something I have been lacking.

These lessons are so great, that every time I finish reading one, my spirit gets fired up.

They are so motivating. It's amazing the rate at which things are unfolding. The law of attraction does work!

Thanks so much again

by: Tess

I did lesson 1 and was surprised that even though I live my life trying to be positive, even before reading about the Law of Attraction in the Secret, there was so much more to learn.

It was very shocking to me that I had such a long list of things that either worried me or that I harboured resentment about.

Thank you for these wonderful lessons.

It's amazing to me that others are charging upto $500 for this sort of information

Bless you and your good work

by: ABHA

Hi everyone, This is the best site on LOA I have come through so far. I won't say you will achieve your goal overnight here, but to achieve your goal you need to climb all the steps of ladder such as right technique, belief, confidence, true gratitude attitude, and here it comes, because this program provide you all this for sure.

So go ahead guys and embrace your new 'dream come true' life.

All the best.

It has awakened me
by: Manik Thakurta

I have read the lessons a number of times. It has awakened me and I started receiving what ever I desired from the universe. One must know what is to be asked from universe and once you get it show your gratitude.

I have started sharing the learning with large number of people including my clients.

Thank you John
by: TJ

There is a lot of quick fix stuff available on the Internet, especially when a person is feeling vulnerable.

What I particularly appreciated with John's Law-of-Attraction-Guide website was firstly it's honesty and straightforward approach.

No false promises and no game playing. Just taking a fresh and frank look at a situation and then being given tools to work through it.

I also found the free lessons quite thorough and they gave me a point of focus, which helped me to work through the situation.

I found the website practical and sound in its advice, uplifting and ............... well the tools worked for me.

Thank you John for facilitating the LOA and providing your support.

Namaste and with much appreciation.

I am ready
by: Carol Grant

I have recently been studying the Law of Attraction and, after reading the Quick Start course of the Unlock The Power of You program, I must admit that my confidence is renewed and I am ready for the fresh new start.

My vibrational level has increased and I am eager to put my thoughts into motion and start living the life that I know I fully deserve.

Thank you John for sharing your ideas and steps with me.

I intend to "Pay it Forward" more and look so much forward to six months from now when I will see all of my current dreams realized.

Incredible in-depth information John
by: Leonard Floyd

Incredible in-depth information John.

I'm very grateful to you for it and I'll start immediately applying what you've said.

Thank you for unconditionally 'giving' this help
by: Sue

Hi John Peace, I would first like to thank my sister for forwarding an email to me which brought me to your emails... therefore secondly I would like to thank you 'big time' for all the wonderful information and help within your emails, it could not have come at a better time!

About 12yrs ago, I studied Metaphysics for about 3yrs, I had been in small ways already using the Law of Attraction and other Laws automatically, but sometimes, somehow you kinda slip back into old ways, of which I had recently.

Then it all comes back into my life... via your emails, giving me back my zest for life and positivity which I have been passing on to so many people within my work but have not been using it within myself.

Thank you for unconditionally 'giving' this help, I am very appreciative!

I will be ordering soon the rest of the information/books as my income is going to increase along with my peace of mind and positivity.

Thanks again.

I have tried everything under the sun
by: Patricia

I have tried everything under the sun. All of the people thus far on your site, I have used parts of their courses and some people all of their courses. But nothing has worked. Until Now! And I have been doing this for almost 20 years.

After my identity theft, divorce, loss of career, and anything else that could happen, my beautiful daughter would not speak to me.

It wasn't because she was mean. She and I are so close she could feel my pain body. It was just destroying her emotionally.

She finally came here one day and told me sobbing that she never wanted to hear or see me ever again. That was almost nine months ago.

It just broke my heart. The hurt was so bad it became physical.

I got your free course and worked all of the exercises just as you suggested. I did every detail.

Tonight is Easter Sunday. Brandee called tonight and we talked about how we always made Easter Rabbit Cakes every Easter as she was growing up. She told me she loved me.

There is not enough money on the earth that could buy this. How can I ever thank you.

Now I understand what I have to do. I will from time to time keep you informed of my financial success.

With Happiness and Gratitude,


Quick Start Program
by: Renier

Dear John, Just to tell you how impressed I am with the material you have presented in your introductory series.

I enrolled in the Seven laws series and yours at the same time, all I am getting from 7 laws is buy buy buy and NO information and NO value, whereas you have really changed my life with the videos, the ideas and the comments. I have learned so many new concepts from you that I have been searching for for years.

My mind has been opened. Great job

Thanks a million

Best regards

Renier S Meyer

This is it!
by: Poonam

I have searched the web for guidance like this but have come across so many gimmicks that nearly got me to give up the thought for looking any further.

I initially thought there wouldn't be much in your mails either, but something inside me echoed, 'This is it!'. And it was. :o)

I feel like I have stumbled upon the most valuable treasures on Earth.

by: Brian

I get more astounded as each day passes, I could go on and on.

Thanks for the lessons, I am learning, all be it slowly


wow! Amazing John!
by: Iwan

How could you give me all of this for free? I can't believe..!

wow, thank u john :-)

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