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Unlocking The Power of You

Congratulations, you have committed to Unlocking The Power In You. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log into your account at www.PayPal.com to view details of this transaction.

By purchasing this programme you have made a commitment to completing it, and it’s only by completing that you will have the power to unlock your true potential.

Who are You?

What are You?

Why are You here?

The answers to these questions is what we shall help you uncover. You will learn that you are a source of creation, and it is with the Power within You that you can Be, Do and have anything you desire.

That’s quite a statement don’t you think? You can Be, Do and Have anything you desire, just think about it for a minute.

For many of us, being, doing and having anything we desire seems an impossibility, most of us cannot conceive a life like that.

Yes we all wish for a big house, a flashy car and an abundant lifestyle, but we know it’s just wishful thinking, isn’t that why we do the lottery. But just take it a step further, if you had the power, who would you be? What would you do and have?

For many of you, the first time you were told that you could Be, Do and Have anything you desire, was probably your introduction to the Law of Attraction through the film The Secret and while the film is a sound introduction to these principles, it does not give you the whole picture, merely a sound footing to the principle and structure of You.

The Secret has opened up the ideas of these principles in a way that no other medium could have done, and in doing so has put the Law of Attraction on the agenda, allowing the deeper messages of life, creation and evolution to be presented to a warm and enquiring audience.

So why do I say that The Secret only gives us a foundation, when it’s clearly changing so many lives for the better?

It’s because it only deals with the Law of Attraction, which is a small part of Universal Law, it’s like me giving you an overview on physics by explaining the Laws of Gravity.

You see Attraction, while being a Law is not the whole picture and it’s only by seeing the whole picture that you can gain an understanding of how these principles work.

We are told that if we think it and believe it, we will receive it.

As expressive creatures we have no problems thinking about our desires, but as inquisitive beings, how can we believe?

In the film Bob Proctor tells us not to worry about the hows and whys, saying, “we don’t know how electricity works, but it doesn’t stop us using it”. This maybe a fine analogy, but it’s rather like telling Shakespeare to catch the No.26 bus. Without knowing “How” leaves us with the element of doubt, the very thing that stops our ideas and thoughts manifesting themselves.

To truly Unlock the Power of You, you need to study You and this is what we have set out to do.

How to use this course

The initial stages of the programme will involve a day by day study and you will need to put some time aside each day to complete each step, if you miss a day don’t worry and most importantly don’t skip it, just get back to the day by day process as soon as you can.

After about ten days we will move onto week by week lessons with daily exercises to complete, the important thing is to do each lesson in order, following the links to audios, ebooks and video as they come, if you see a video or audio link don’t jump straight onto the play button without reading the words before it!

We will be using pages, extracts and chapters from some of the most highly regarded material from some of the masters of the fields of Mental Science, Theology and self improvement practitioners, papers and books from the likes of Haanel, Allen, Wattles, Hill, Troward and Trine.

Some works will be presented as course pages while others will be in Pdf file format, so make sure you download the latest Adobe Pdf Reader

You will have an opportunity to save audios and ebooks to your PC, so a quick word about copyright. Do not share Audio files, but feel free to share Pdf eBooks, but do not edit them.

OK I’m done, enough of my blabbering, and lets get down to business.

To access the course pages you will need a password, so fill out the form below so I can send you yours, as soon as you press submit I will email you to confirm that we have the correct email address, as soon as the confirmation process is finished I'll send you your password.

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