Unwanted Paternity And The Law of Attraction

My teenage son has been told he has fathered a child. My son doesn't believe the child is his, nor does he want the child to be his. We intend to get a paternity test when we are able to do so.

Can you please help me direct my thoughts to have the paternity test come out negative as my son being the father? If there is nothing I can do since my son is his own person and controls his own thoughts, can you please help me guide my son on how to direct his thoughts so the test comes out negative as my son being the father of this child?

I know I cannot create my son's life for him. But this child being born to him as the father does play a role in my life also. My son lives with me and I support him financially. So although it is my sons issue it also becomes mine.

I can change my focus to having grand kids when my son is older, done with school, financially fit and married. But can this change the outcome of the test if the issue isn't truly mine? Is it my son who has to do the creating? Is there anything I can do, since the outcome does involve me at this time?

Thank you so much.


Not Ready To Be A Grandma

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

You are right to suggest that you cannot alter another’s reality by adjusting your thoughts and focus, and as circumstances and events align to you as a match to the way you think and feel, so will circumstances and events align to your son as a match to his thoughts and feelings.

Of course, the events that you talk about will affect your future experiences, and in essence, as this is something that you hadn’t focused on, it does appear that this situation was thrust upon you rather than created by you, which I admit, does seem to contradict any idea of a Law of Attraction.

So how can the Law of Attraction align these seemingly unwanted realities, after all, your son is not ready to become a father and you are not ready to become a grandmother, and it could also be possible that the expectant mother is also full of fear at the prospect of a newborn baby.

The way the Law of Attraction aligns events in our lives is often misunderstood, and as our lives are often full of unwanted things, this Law is often doubted, after all, who in their right mind would attract things that they did not want?

But, if this Law reacts to what we think and how we feel, is it the case that we always focus on our desires?

If someone has an unwanted financial experience, do their thoughts and feelings match a lack of money or an abundance of money? Similarly, if someone has an unwanted romantic experience, do their thoughts and feelings match happiness and contentness or sadness and frustration?

You see, this Law does not align you to the things you want, it aligns you to the things you think about, and as many people are consumed by thoughts about what they fear, dislike and do not want, it is hardly surprising that their experiences reflect these thoughts.

So could this event have matched each and every person who it effects? Probably not, as I am sure that you had not given being a Grandma much thought. But it is possible that ‘getting her pregnant’ could have been a fear that your son had before aligning to her sexually, and I am sure this would have been something that she had thought about.

It has to be said that when your son had a relationship with this girl, the relationship was probably a match to their desires, and if this has resulted in an unwanted pregnancy, this was more than likely a match to their fears.

As for every one else who is affected, their thoughts and feelings about the onset of this sexual encounter were probably non existent, after all, no one else was involved. And so the reality of this child aligning to them neither matches nor does not match the way they were thinking, as this was not something they either desired or feared.

In life this is something that often happens, and there are seemingly random experiences that come out of the blue to us, some wanted and others unwanted, but it is how we react to these events that defines how these things effect our futures. If you see the worse of what has happened, the worse of what can be will keep returning, but by seeing the best of what is, only the best can manifest itself to you.

The pattern here is this, whatever you think and feel about the most shall align to your experience, whether wanted or unwanted.

If this is how the Law of Attraction works, what thoughts and feeling can we have to change what has already taken place?

You see, you cannot use the Law of Attraction to change the past, and if your son had a sexual encounter with this girl, it seems reasonable enough to consider that he might become a father. Yes it would be a good idea to confirm paternity, but lets be honest, there would be no reason to dislike or condemn this girl for being half of a consenting act with your son.

Your son has a responsibility, or put better, he has the ability to respond to this situation in a way that will be the making of him, the girl he slept with, and the future of his possible offspring. And as soon as you all see this as an opportunity to love, then the easier it shall become.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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