Use The Law of Attraction And Not Let His Negative Habits Affect Me

by Deborah
(Walterboro, SC USA)

My husband & I recently got back together after being separated for a few years. Our teenage children are happier, and we're all glad to be a family again.

Now for the However: he knows what mistakes he made that led to the break-up, and he's trying in his own way to be a better person, but fundamentally he's still the same, mostly because he doesn't know how to apply the Law of Attraction and doesn't want to learn. We initially split up because of his verbally abusive, financially controlling, and financially irresponsible ways.

He's no longer verbally abusive but he is still very bad with money. But I now have my own business so I'm not financially dependent on him. However, since we've gotten back together, living in my house because he lost his to foreclosure (very typical for him - it's his 4th foreclosure), he is not contributing financially to the everyday household expenditures like utilities, groceries & the kids' expenses. No real surprise there, and to be fair to him he is spending money on fixing up the house and a certain amount of food buying. However, the initial agreement was that he would be giving me a fixed amount of money every month to help pay for expenses. I'm not getting it and that's no surprise either.

So now I've had to start working much harder at my own business (which I enjoy very much) to pay for all the household expenses since I'm no longer getting any child support from him now that we're back together. I basically have no free time anymore to do other thing that I enjoy (like gardening) and I no longer have any disposable income as every dollar I make goes towards household expenses. What all this is leading up to is my real question:

I've been applying the Law of Attraction to my business since he moved back in and my sales have doubled. However, my growing resentment of my husband's disproportionate lack of financial contribution is affecting my point of attraction and I'm having a very hard time trying to detach myself from him. I'm ambitious and don't want to live the way we do (poor), for the rest of my life. He's happy just to coast along and mooch off me or who ever else he can find. I know what he's like, and I'm glad to have him here to fix things and take care of various household problems and be here for our kids. It's very, very important to us all to stay together as a family.

So how do I let go? I'm able to focus enough to detach myself from all this for a while but then the resentment creeps back in. He's too irresponsible and too undependable to count on financially - he's always been this way and will never change. He might promise but that never lasts more than a month or so.

So how I do accept, forget and then lift myself above his level? It's a constant mental challenge. How can I get that resentment - in the face of all this - to lessen and become so unimportant that it no longer affects my own point of attraction?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

If I was to describe how the Law of Attraction works I would say this, “The Law of Attraction aligns to your experience, a match to your focused thoughts and feelings.”

In other words, what you think about most, and feel about most, becomes your vibration, and it is to this vibration that circumstances, events and people are aligned to you, in order for you to continue to think and feel this way.

If read your question again and pull out all your beliefs about your husband… I’ll do a few.

...still very bad with money. in my house because he lost his to foreclosure (very typical for him).
...offering a disproportionate lack of financial contribution.
...happy just to coast along and mooch off me or who ever else he can find.
...too irresponsible and too undependable to count on financially.
...might promise but that never lasts more than a month or so.

These are just a few beliefs you have about your husband, so it would be a good idea to start from this point. To begin with, what is a belief?

A dictionary explanation if the word belief is as follows; An acceptance that
something exists or is true, especially one without proof. Something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion.

If then a belief is something that we accept as true, or is of our opinion, a belief must be a thought that has been rethought until it is accepted as truth.

To understand this, when you look at the relationship that you have had with your husband, you only believed he was bad with money, or his promises didn’t last, once you had thought about these things a few times. What I mean is when you got together you didn’t have this belief, but now, as you have repeated the thought, you do have the belief.

I accept that you were only offering your thought in response to what you were witnessing, but nevertheless, for your thought to become your belief, you had to repeat the thought.

So in essence, a belief is a thought that you had kept thinking, your focused thought.

If then, the Law of Attraction aligns to your experience, a match to your focused thoughts and feelings, and if your focused thoughts are your beliefs, it is hardly surprising that what you believe about your husband, is what you see about your husband.

You see, your point of attraction never changes. You do not become someone who is bad at the Law of Attraction, as you are the only creator of your experiences. It may be true that you have created some unwanted experiences, but nonetheless, these experiences are created by you.

Some people do not like to hear that they created unwanted experience, but take some satisfaction from the fact that once you understand that you create your reality, wanted or unwanted, and that you have the power to change any condition. The great part is that it is no less difficult to create your dreams than your nightmares, and it all starts with thought.

Thoughts of no free time will lead to conditions of no free time.

Thoughts of no disposable income will lead to conditions of no disposable income.

And thoughts of resentment will always lead you to conditions in which you will feel resentful.

How do you expect him to offer you anything that is different to what you believe? To stay in your reality, he has to offer you a match to what you vibrate, and as your vibration of him includes the most of what you don’t want to see, he can only manifest to you, what you do not want.

What would happen if you changed your mind?

What would happen if you consciously choose what you thought, and offered your thought to what you most liked about this man?

What if you turned your vibration about what you did not like about him off?

Your thoughts create your reality, so if I was in your shoes I would focus my thought to what I liked best about what I was experiencing. I would do this, not in the hope that my experiences would change, but in the knowledge that what I think gives birth to what I experience, and in certainty, when I think about what is best, only what is best will align to me.

List the things you are grateful for and spend some time each morning and each evening focusing on this list. Get familiar with what is good for you, and as soon as you think a thought that contradicts these grateful things, cut it off and starve it by thinking about what you are grateful for.

Include only what you desire in your mind, and just as your husband has had to manifest a lack of your desires, to stay in your reality, he will now have to manifest to you a match for your knew positive ideal of him.

Will this be easy? No of course not. This will take effort, time and commitment, but the result shall be delicious.

If you need some help with this follow my 30 Day Law of Attraction WorkBook

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

With Gratitude

John Peace

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