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I am in Love with a boy who I met about 4 years back. He is about 5 years younger to me, but we hit it off real nicely and I have never met anyone who quite makes me feel the way that he does. Let me call him “A”.

We were colleagues at the company and became friends over a pack of cigarettes. After that we got closer with swimming lessons and IM’s in the office. We also started texting each other with hot sexy messages. During that time, I was involved with another guy who was away from India. He was not really paying attention to me and it was like I was having a very fake relationship. “A” came as a nice change. He was all the things that I wanted in a man.

Initially we got involved sexually and I really enjoyed being with him. Later on, my then boyfriend broke it up with me. “A” and I were good friends and started hanging out together a lot. We used to have lunch together, go out together etc… And he would always say that he would like to marry someone like me. He would never say that he wants to marry me. Also, he used to keep telling me not to end up falling in love with him. But as I got to know him better, I realized that he is the kind of person I am looking forward to spend the rest of my life with.

One day I told him so and he told me that he never thought of me that way and that he always thought of me as a good friend. Once in a while, we used to stop having sex and then he used to initiate it with me again because he couldn’t resist doing it… I used to always hope that one day we would be together and I used to have sex with him because I hoped that he would change his mind some day and fall in love with me.

There have been times when I have been extremely jealous and given him a hard time when he has shown interest in other girls and so on. He has tried hard to pacify me during those times. But he has always maintained that he would be nothing more than a good friend to me.

Now it has been one and half years since he has been abroad. He met a girl around 6 months back and when he told me about it, I was extremely heartbroken. So I stopped contacting him with the intention of moving on with my life. But I was not successful, as I seemed to miss him more than anything else. This was around the time that I came to read the Book called “The Secret”. I started visualizing myself being with him and ending up as his wife. I wrote down the things that I wanted with him. I hung a happy picture of him and me on the wall facing my bed. I also started talking to him and asked him whether we could be friends like before. He said that we could.

Recently, he has met a girl who seems to be interested in him. He also seems to be interested in her. He has told her to give him 6 months of time to decide whether he wants to marry her. He told me about this and I again told him how I really felt about him and that I wanted to end up with him. To this he said, “I wish you didn’t take it that far”. I told him that I can’t keep talking to him without wondering what I did wrong that he does not even consider me for marriage. To which he said that he was younger than me and his parents would never allow it. I have stopped contacting him now and removed him from all my friend's list in all IM's and also on Facebook.

But I still am in love with him and in hopes that we will end up together. I feel he is my soul mate and I have never felt more open to a person as much as I have to him. I want him to reciprocate the feelings that I have for him too. I want to end up as his wife and take care of his family and him. I want his parents to accept our relationship.

There have been mistakes I have made by thinking negatively about this relationship. I know there are places where my doubts, fears and insecurities have negatively affected this relationship.

The question I have: Is there a way I can use the Law of Attraction to bring him back to me? I don’t care how long it takes and am willing to work on the things I have done wrong, to make it right. Is there a way I can attract him into my life as my husband?
I am a little desperate and would greatly appreciate your help and advice.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction says, and this is an underlying message of the film The Secret, “You can Be, Do and Have anything you desire,” which in essence is true, but there is a huge misunderstanding about this statement.

The Law of Attraction is a natural law, and like any law, you cannot defy it, you can only cooperate with it. If you think of the Law of Gravity, you cannot defy this law and stop yourself from falling to the ground, but you can cooperate with it, and in doing so, build machines that seem to defy it.

Rather like the Laws of Gravity, you cannot defy the Law of Attraction. And it makes no difference whether you know about this law of not, or whether you consciously create your reality or not, this law will work regardlessly, and as it does, it will relentlessly bring to you the experiences you are aligned to.

So can you Be, Do and Have anything you desire?

Yes you can, but only if you cooperate with this law.

But as much as you can Be, Do and Have anything, so can I, so can your friends, and so can your boyfriend, and as we all Be, Do and Have these things, we all cooperate with each other in order for our realities to mirror our thoughts and feelings.

It is your greatest desire to Be with this man, to Do this relationship with him and to Have him for your husband, but unless he wishes to Be, Do and Have these things, how could such a reality follow law? In fact, a reality that did not mirror his thoughts and feelings would defy law for him, yet work as law for you, and that just cannot be.

One of the greatest misunderstandings that the film The Secret seems to have promoted is that you attract things by using the Law of Attraction.

But you do not attract things, you attract experiences, and it is through a cooperative alignment to things, that your experiences are manifest.

This sounds a bit confusing, so I’ll explain with an example.

To conscious align to an experience of abundance, you would need to focus on the thoughts and feelings you would have when you processed abundance, rather than focusing on the money itself.

The reasons many people fail to align to an experience of abundance is that they focus on the How, When and Where of the manifestation, by focusing on something like an event (such as winning the lottery).

What they don’t realise is that they are focusing on a vehicle of abundance, not abundance itself, and to focus on something you need to happen in order to reach your desires, you match your thoughts and feelings to the ‘need to happen’ part of the process,

And, as the Law of Attraction brings to you a match to your focused thoughts and feelings, you attract a reality in which you ‘need something to happen’ in order for your desires to manifest.

To apply the Law of Attraction your thoughts and feelings have to match the reality you wish to have, as if you already had it.

If it is your desire to be in a loving, caring and passionate relationship, your thoughts and feelings have to match this reality, as if it already existed.

There is no point in focusing on what you believe to be the vehicle for this relationship, as you will only attract a reality in which you need to be with someone, in order for you to be happy.

Understand that you have no control over his thoughts and feelings, and that he will align to his experiences, depending upon what he thinks.

But you do have control over your thoughts, and in turn, you have control over your reality, and the circumstances, opportunities and people who allow you to experience your reality are only there as a cooperative match of their thoughts and yours.

You have to let this relationship go. Not because it has no future, but because you have to allow yourself a future.

For the moment you are alone and you are feeling the loss of this person, and understandably, you believe that the remedy for this feeling of loss is to be with him, so you are focusing your thoughts and feelings towards him.

But you are focusing on something you lack, and as we have seen, the Law of Attraction can only align you to a reality that matches your thoughts and feelings, which has to be a reality in which you think and feel more lack.

Somehow, you need to find happiness where you are now, because unless you vibrate happiness you cannot attract it.

To do this, make a list of the things that are good in your life at the moment, and spend some time focusing on these things.

List these things, think about these things, be grateful for these things, and whenever a thought or feeling enters your mind that contradicts these things, switch to the thoughts and feelings that are, the of best of now.

If you follow my Unlock The Power WorkBook, you will find many techniques that have been specifically designed to help someone raise their vibration and come to terms with where they are today, which is such an important part of mastering the Law of Attraction.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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