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My boyfriend stopped answering my calls or messages for two weeks then emailed me that it's over, and if I can't live without a relationship then I must go and find myself another man! He did that all of a sudden, we were so good before it..

I freaked out and begged him to be with me and we made up.

I told him that I didn't read his email but I am guessing what it could be about, and I left a message on his voice mail saying that I think he has some pressures in his life now and I think we should take a break instead of a break up.

I kept texting him and leaving messages to say how I love him, he text back saying I already told you it's over and don't text back cause I don't have battery and am out..

I texted few days later to see if he would give me another chance, and he replied no, the man don't change his word and it's not your fault anyway..

i kept emailing, calling and texting that I love him and I wont even ask him why he went away and I’ll act like nothing happened..

He rarely answered and he was like it's over and I know it's hard for you..

I discovered last night from a mutual friend that he knew a girl in the last summer and they dated and went out a lot together.

He cheated on me, but the friend isn't sure if they’re still together..

I asked him before about this girl and he said she's a friend of his sister..

At the time he cheated we celebrated our anniversary and we were so happy and he was always with me, I don't know how he found time for her!

i text him last night that I didn't think he would have cheated with her and why he made me feel like I am crazy when I told him I don't feel good about her..

He text back that who told me that there's anything between him and her?

And what happens in his life isn't my business any more, and I better stop bothering myself with him for my own good..

I forgive him if he cheated on me, I love him enough to do so..

I am aware of the law of attraction and I’ve been positive about it, and i put a lot of hope and faith that he'll be back. I visualize us together and i try my best to send happy and positive vibration to the universe..

Please don't say let go of him, I believe he's the one, I love him so much and I am suffering without him. He's my whole world..

When we broke up once before we did make up in the same day and went out on a date in the same night, so I believed he'll be back to me this time, and I still do, but I am so scared..

Please help me.. What can I do?

How can I use the law of attraction to attract him back to me and remind him how he loves me and make up with him?

I know in my heart that this time will be better than ever..

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it..

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply


I think you know what I’m going to tell you.....

But let’s get one thing straight...

You cannot use the law of attraction to force your desires on another, this is law that we’re dealing with, and it will work for everyone, whether they know about it or not.

If it was also your ex-boyfriends most wanted desire, to be with you, then it could work, but from what you’ve told me, it clearly isn’t.

So where do you go from here?

Well let’s look at love.

It is clear that you love this person, and as someone in love I am sure that you would want to see him happy.

If you were together and shared the same feelings for each other, it would be natural to do anything to see your partner happy. In fact, I am sure that you would make sacrifices to ensure your partners happiness.

So how much do you want to see him happy?

You have already said,

“I forgive him if he cheated on me, I love him enough to do so..”

Which clearly shows your strength, but do you love him enough to let him go?

Or, do you love yourself enough, to let him go?

You are clearly in an unhappy place at the moment, and I’m sure that you wouldn’t want to get back together, if you were inflicting the same unhappiness on your ex.

It’s time to stop your infatuation with this person, it’s time to become infatuated with yourself.

Yes, use your visualizations to find you love, yes learn all you can about the Law of Attraction, to find you happiness, but stop trying to choose where it comes from.

Start by loving yourself, and living with joy so that you are open to receive more and more joy, into your life.


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