Use The Law of Attraction To Bring Back The Love of My Life

My boyfriend broke up with me 6 months ago because his brothers accused me of being an alien. They have some severe mental psychosis from drug use. My boyfriend was torn between me & his family & chose not to defend me or fight for us. I moved out & he didn't come after me. He was shutdown & cold when I attempted to even talk. I left him alone for almost 2 months during Xmas & he seemed to be partying & enjoying himself even going away on holiday we were meant to share together.

When he came back I contacted him & told him how I felt. He came back fleetingly & then left again. Saying he felt he needs to run. I was so hurt but I gathered my strength & continued to believe. I haven't spoken to him for another 2 months now & I tried to text this week twice to see how he is & he won't respond to me.

I'm so sad about it I really want to be able to speak with him. He's the love of my life & my soul mate & I feel it's destructive to our lives to be apart like this. How can I manifest him back into my life? First to open communication again & then eventually (I'll be patient) be with him again?

It's been 6 months..

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We create our realities through thought, that is, when we think in a certain way, things are attracted to us, to help us to continue our way of thinking.

You can see this in the way people move from experience to experience.

For example, if someone has money problems, they will think most often about debt, and as a result of their thought, they attract things that keep them in their way of thinking, that is more debt.

Similarly, when someone leaves an abusive relationship, of course they naturally think about the abusive they have had, and in the search for a new relationship, because they focus on finding someone who is not abusive, as they activate the thought of abuse, they often attract yet another abusive partner.

It is no accident that people seem to end up in the predicaments and pickles that they always seem to end up in, it is not that they are unlucky, it’s just that they focus on the predicaments and pickles they get, and in an attempt to avoid these unwanted things, because they think about them, they attract them.

So what are you attracting right now?

An easy way to understand what it is that you are attracting is to look at what you are receiving, as everything you are receiving was attracted by you.

For someone who is receiving an unwanted experience, this is not an easy exercise to do, because of course, they didn’t want anything unwanted, so it’s not easy to accept that they were the cause of them.

The way we align to unwanted experiences, is often in reaction to something that has happened in our life. We have an experience, and as with most experiences there will usually be a part we like and a part we don’t like. It is how we think about these parts that will determine what new experiences we align to.

If you were to notice, think about and feel about what you do not like, you align to more things that you do not like, and if you were to notice, think about and feel about what you do like, you align to more things that you do like.

What you think about determines your experiences.

If this is the case, as you clearly think about this guy a lot, why is it that you have not aligned back to him? And as you never thought about being without him, why did, him leaving you, become a part of your experience?

We create our experience through thought, and as we think, the Law of Attraction aligns us to experiences. Our job is to sort out what it is we want, and what we don’t want, and align our thoughts to the experiences that please us, and then we shall align to more experiences that help us to continue to think this way.

This is very important to understand, “align our thoughts to the experiences that please us, and then we shall align to more experiences that help us to continue to think this way”.

It is not our job to align the experience, it is our job to think in a way that matches what we want. Your boyfriend is the source of an experience, but he is not the only source. Your boyfriend can only cooperate with the way you think and help manifest a match for your thoughts, but he is not destined to be the agreeable match that you think about, because this Law of Attraction is Law, and what is Law for you is also Law for him, as he thinks and creates his experiences too.

But interestingly, it seems that he had continued to align to your thoughts even during this break up.

Remember what I said about experiences? That experiences usually have parts you like and parts you don’t like, and depending on how you think about experiences, that is, whether you think about what you don’t like, or focus on what you do like, will cause you to attract more experiences that match your thoughts.

It seems that the experience of breaking up has caused you to think about what you don’t like, and because of this you are aligning to more experiences that do not include a happy relationship.

Even if he wanted to be a part of your life, how could he when such an experience would go against the way you think and feel.

The Law of Attraction will align you to the things that match your thoughts and feelings, and thinking lonely, and feeling alone can never lead to a fulfilling, joining of two people, that would defy Law.

If you think he is shutdown, he must manifest shutdown to you, to match what you think and feel.

If you think he is cold, he must manifest cold to you, to match what you think and feel.

In fact, you have become so unhappy with the lack of this relationship, that this relationship will have to lack so that you can continue to feel unhappy.

So can you win him back?

This is truly an impossible question for anyone to answer, as to know this we would have to be able to read his thoughts, read your thoughts, and understand whether or not a resulting relationship together would match how you both think and feel.

To be honest, building a cooperating reality is way out of our hands, as to meddle in experiences to try and mould people to be, do and have in exactly the way we think they should be being and doing and having, would drive us mad, especially when, as we try to influence someone in our reality to change, someone else could be trying to change us.

Our job is much easier, simply look after your thoughts, and trust that perfection only comes from a perfect way of thinking.

As a practical lesson, I would advice you to start focusing on what you have that makes you feel good, and as soon as you think about what you are missing, lacking and losing, remember what you have.

Use the thoughts about what is good to drive you feelings about what can be good, and as soon as you start to feel happier, happier experiences will align to you.

Joy comes from within, and when it is felt, the things that will help you to feel joy will align.

What will those things be?

Move your thoughts towards joy and you start to see the things that best align to you.

If you need some help with this follow my 30 Day Law of Attraction WorkBook

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

With Gratitude

John Peace

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May 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your response! i ended up focussing solely on changing my thoughts & feelings to receiving undoubtedly. I did it firmly for 2 days & did not waver in my beliefs. My mood changed & i felt expansive. Finally i got in touch with him & i ended up seeing him! He has missed me just as much as ive missed him but admitted to being stubborn (which i must admit so have i)

We arent back together yet.. but i know we will be because we already are in my mind. Ive let go of the panic & anxiety & i am staying cool calm & collected. i know he wants the same as me we just dont communcate well. i am now going to work on manifesting compatible communication with him with ease & work on allowing instead of forcing. I will keep you up to date with my progress.

Thank you again

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