Use The Law of Attraction To Bring My Love Back

by Rohit Shankar
(Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India)

I was in a relationship for 6 years with my girl, she broke up with me recently because I didn’t give her importance and didn’t respect her feelings, I didn’t do it intentionally. Now I’m very guilty for being like that and she is not accepting to come back. I want her back in my life, she means the world to me. I want her back.

Please help me to get her back in my life. I’m totally a changed person now. I need her back in my life. I’m ready to do anything and everything for her.

Please help me to get her back.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

The Law of Attraction aligns us all to experiences that match the way we predominantly think. What I think aligns me to a reality that makes me continue to think in my way, and what you think aligns you to a reality that makes you continue to think in your way.

But of course, our reality is made up of people and situations that share our experiences, so it does seem logical to believe that our experiences aren’t always a result of what we think, and often are the result of what others are being, doing and having.

And as it seems logical that our experiences are the result of random actions of the environment and the people in it, it seems understandable that we often feel the need to want to control the conditions of our environment in order for us to feel happiness.

It is this need for control that we have been trained to exercise that is actually becoming our bondage, as to believe that the things and the people we interact with have to act in a certain way in order for us to find happiness and contentness, puts our feelings and emotions at the mercy of others.

Experiences are aligned by our thought, and the conditions that we align to, come as a result of what we have been thinking.

When we think, our thought becomes our vibration, and it is to this vibration that the Law of Attraction aligns resonant experiences. Yes these experiences come through events, circumstances and people, but as this is a Law, each perspective of this shared experience must cooperate with each vibration within it.

In other words, although our reality is shared, it is a match to the way we all think, as our experiences cooperate with everyone who shares our experience.

This is demonstrated in your question when you explain that, “she broke up with me recently because I didn’t give her importance and didn’t respect her feelings, I didn’t do it intentionally.”

Of course you did not do these things intentionally, but as
She noticed and thought about you not giving her importance and not respecting her feelings, She included these feelings in her vibration. And so that you could remain in her reality, you had to match her vibration and show her, at least in her mind, a lack of importance and respect.

You see, her experience wasn’t inflicted on her, it was created by her, and to be a part of a reality in which she felt a lack of importance and respect, she had to have been thinking that she lacked importance and respect, and to share a reality together, you had to manifest her matching vibration back to her.

The shame is that she ran from the relationship, instead of changing her way of thinking, and as her thoughts were the cause of the experience, and as she has taken them with her, she will of course, find another person to be the match to her lack of importance and lack of respect.

So can you get her back?

I have no magic formula to use the Law of Attraction to control others, as this Law will always depend on what we think. To be honest, would anyone want a Law in which the strongest thinker gets what they want, and the rest of us become slaves to their desires?

All I can suggest is that you clean up what you are thinking.

Think the best of what is and the best of what can be shall always align to you.

Focus on the best of what your experiences offer you, and resist the temptation of commenting, complaining or condemning the things that displease you, as it is through your attention to what you do not like, that what you do not like is given vitality.

When you think of her, think of what you had, not of what you lost, because thoughts of loss will undoubtedly lead to more loss.

Remember, you chose your reality through thought, and you align to the best cooperating experiences that match your thought. You don’t attract certain people, you attract the best match of what you think.

You get free choice of your thoughts, not of how the match to what you are thinking is manifest, as to have that power removes the power that everyone has to create.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

With Gratitude

John Peace

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