Use The Law of Attraction To Change My Relationship Status

by Sunshine

I really believe the Law of Attraction, I am applying it on my life and I have had some results in different parts of my life. However, when it comes to relationships, I feel like I am failing over and over again.

I am pushing so hard to think positively and eliminate all the negative feelings.

Do you have any nice ideas that I can do, or apply in my thoughts, to change my current relationship status?

:) thanks

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

There is no being good, or being bad at using the Law of Attraction. There is no failure or success. We each have equal power, and each of us is aligned to our experiences depending on the way we think and feel.

It is our thoughts and our emotions that determine our reality, and you cannot fail to see this result.

The question is, is this reality wanted or not?

And the answer to that question doesn’t indicate our success or failure, it indicates our thoughts and emotions, and as much as our reality is unwanted, is as much as we need to attend to what we think and feel.

So how do we attend to these thoughts and feelings?

Within your reality is contrast. There are the things that make you feel good, and there the things that make you feel not so good.

It is by aligning your thoughts and feelings to the good parts, and by ignoring, or turning away from the ‘not so good’ parts, that you will adjust your vibration to the best of what you have.

Once you are aligned to the best of what is coming to you, you will start to notice more wanted things around you, than unwanted things.

But this does not bring the things most wanted, as for now, you have not aligned to them.

To align to the things you desire which you are not yet experiencing, but wish to experience, you must vibrationaly match the experience of having these things now.

So what does having this perfect relationship feel like?

This is the secret to attracting what you do not have, and as much as you match the vibration of having these things now, you shall see the evidence of this in your future.

This is an important point, and worth stressing again, “as much as you match the vibration of having these things now, you shall see the evidence of this in your future.”

It is important because you need to realize that this thing we call time protects you. I say protects, because you really wouldn’t want to live in a world where each thought and feeling was instantaneously manifested, that surely would not serve you.

Time allows you to perfect your thought, to direct your feeling, so that an exact match can be brought for you to experience.

Do not be tempted to allow time to change your vibration, as so many people do.

Use time as your buffer, your perfecter, as you practise matching your thoughts and feelings to your desires.

Do not be tempted into frustration, wanting, needing or lacking the things you desire, as these are all vibrations of without, and as you carry this vibration of without, the only result you shall see, is a result of without the things you so desperately seek.

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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