Use The Law of Attraction To Change Past Conditions

I have completed my cbse 12th board physics public exam yesterday, which went quite well. Can you please tell me a way to score full marks? My mark decides my parents happiness and since I don’t like physics i didn’t concentrate much on studying.

Please help, and tell me how I can use my thoughts to score 100/100 in that exam.

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As I mentioned in a previous question, the way I would prepare for an exam is as follows…
To gain a certain mark in an exam, I would match my thoughts and feelings to the existence of that desire, as well as matching my thoughts and feelings to the completion of my study.

I would see myself reading about the subject as each and every bit of information fell to the pages so that I gained knowledge and clarity.

I would feel my understanding grow as I gained in confidence and self-belief the closer the exam came.

I would visualize the morning of the exam as my mind seemed to fall into place, as what I knew, was eagerly anticipating each question.

I would feel the excitement as I opened the exam paper and every question seemed to be written for me, as each subject I had read about was married to each subject I was being asked about.

I would see myself flowing with knowledge as I completed the paper with confidence and pride.

I would then move forward to the day of the results, as I opened the envelope to read the result I had already imagined.
By following this visualization exercise you would not only prepare yourself for the exam, you would also prepare yourself for the conditions you will need to satisfy in order to complete the exam. That is, you would include in your visualization the study you will need to complete in order to confidently reach you goal of passing your exam.

We have to accept that in order to complete some certain tasks then we will have had to have completed certain conditions. Namely, to pass an exam we will need knowledge on that subject. Therefore, if focusing on a certain outcome it would be a good idea to focus on successfully completing the conditions that you will need to satisfy in order for that outcome to take place.

To put this in the simplest way possible, there is no way that you can pass an exam without knowing the answer to the questions you are asked, that defies logic.

Contrary to many peoples belief, the Law of Attraction does not magically produce results that defy logic, and no matter how positively you think, defying time defies all physical Laws.

To use the Law of Attraction to achieve any desired result requires time, because it is a tool to prepare future experiences

The dictionary meaning of the word prepare is this, “to make ready or suitable in advance for a particular purpose or for some use, event, etc”

So how can you prepare the outcome of an event that has already happened?

I’m sorry, but no amount of correct thinking can change past events.

I appreciate that you believe that your parents happiness depends on your exam results, and I am sure that they will tell you that, but to be frank, your parents happiness is not your responsibility.

Happiness is a state of being and is not dependant on the conditions that surround us. If your parents wish to place their happiness outside of their control, and make it a condition of what you are being and doing, then that puts an a lot of pressure on you which has nothing to do with your dreams and desires.

You have a responsibility to you, and I am sure that when you choose happiness within and you create happy conditions in your reality, your parents will find peace with who you have become.

Accept where you are today, and prepare, in mind for your tomorrows, as this is all you can do. You are where you are, which is a perfect place to start, as you are where you are and there is no other place you can be.

Coming to terms with now is often a part of the equation that people miss, and is the purpose of my 30-Day Unlock The Power WorkBook .

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…

With Gratitude

John Peace

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by: Angel

your article is really nice thank you so much for this.

I want your help in recreating one of my past event it is really helpful for me please help to do the same

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