Use The Law of Attraction To Fix A Friendship

About two months ago, a good friend and I had a really big fight and have ceased to talk to each other, with the exception of the occasional, ‘hi’ if we do see each other on campus.

The problem is that he interacts with some of the same people I do. And every time we see each other when hanging out with our friends, it is always so tense.

I want to have the relationship I had with my close friend, but better and stronger than before, and I understand I can't make him conform to that. So I have been focusing on myself lately, and things have been going great for me. But I feel like there is something missing, and it's the same type of feeling I had before I met him.

When he entered my life, I felt my life was fulfilled, because he was truly someone I wanted as a friend, but at the time I wished for certain things such as my independence (I didn't have a car or a job). Now that I have a car and job interviews lining up, my friend is nowhere in sight.

I am truly grateful for all that has been coming into my life, but I wish to share this wonderful energy I'm feeling and emitting from myself with him (I am sharing it with my other close friends, but I feel he will definitely benefit from it since he is leaving soon and I feel it will help him on his journey).

I have been thinking wonderful thoughts of the times we had together and I picture what the relationship would be like one day soon and feel all the wonderful emotions involved.

Lately, he's been running into me a lot more often, but he's so tense when we do encounter each other that I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong, or if I should just try talking to him more, past the "Hi."

I want there to be a balance between my desires and my friend. I do no what to do based on my friend's tense reactions to me every time he has been running into me, so I am asking for help. I want to heal the pain I have caused him.

Is this a test of some sort to see how bad I really want this friendship?

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Wonderful question, in fact a wonderful testimonial to how the Law of Attraction works.

You are doing all the right things,

For yourself, you are feeling gratitude, you are feeling your wonderful positive energy, and you are noticing how well things are going.

For your friendship, you are feeling gratitude, and thinking wonderful thoughts about this relationship, and you are noticing how often you are running in to each other.

You are do nothing wrong, and you are seeing all the right results.

There’s just one more stumbling block, and that’s his tension.

OK, but that’s not surprising is it?

Don’t forget that the last real encounter was not so positive for you both, you had a big fight, and you stopped talking. But you have been working on your vibration, and I guess, he has not.

He was feeling unsure about how you would react anyway, but now that you are emitting this wonderful vibration, and he is left with his unsure vibration, there is going to be some discomfort.

Yes, just talk to him.

Don’t wait for him to break down a barrier with his ‘unsure’ energy. You have the positive energy, so make a positive move. It can’t go wrong. Wrong does not match your vibration.

Let me know how it goes…

If you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


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Aug 11, 2011
how to attract a friend
by: Anonymous

i'm in a similar situation, only difference is that it involves a group of friends. i continue to use the secret and attract their friendship, however i become nervous around them and unsure as to what to do. the reason i want to be a part of this group is that we share simuilar if not the same interests and i found that we are alot alike in the way we conduct ourselves. the issue is that i don't have that many friends and even they aren't close. over the years i struggled with insecurity and when i met this group of friends i imposed myself and it began to annoy them, as a result they began to avoid me. now because i have used the law of attraction they are no longer avoiding me however i still get nervous and cautious with what i am doing in their presence hoping that i have something to say to at least maintain what little bit of a friendship i have with them. i feel insecure because i am not in the group!

Apr 05, 2015
plx help to repair my friendship
by: Anonymous

I had an argument with my good friend(he is my co-worker as well) 6 moths ago. I did apologize during these periods for two times but he just refused me.

We still have to interact during work. He is unfriendly to me sometimes so I try to avoid him.

Recently, I try to work on the exercises from the book, the magic, eg day 3 magical relationship, day 7,the magical way out of negativity. I try to be thankful for the relationship and him.

I dont know if next time we interact,should I approach or avoid him?please point out my obstacles

I place complete trust to the universe!!thank you.!thank you!thank you!!

Aug 17, 2016
by: Anonymous

I am in similar situations I hurt my friend badly, I am trying but my problem is that he has blocked me completely be it social media or my calls, so my only hope here is that he contacts me on himself, is it possible by using law of attraction?
Please help

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