Use The Law of Attraction To Get Him To Come Back

by VC

I was in a relationship with this guy for almost a year, he was truly the best person I had met. The relationship was great, we got along sooo well, had the same beliefs, always had a great time and challenged each other, we connected on all levels.

About 9 months into our relationship, I had asked how he thinks things were going. He said good, started crying and said I’m the first person that accepts him for who he is, and lets him be himself and he’s realized how important that is in life.

He’s a very intellectual person, and he isn’t the easiest person to be around, but for me it works.

He had been in a 6 year relationship a year and a half before we met, in which he was destroyed because he couldn’t be himself. At that time, he was worried because he still didn’t feel like he was in love, but didn’t know what it is that was missing, he said some explosion was missing, but didn’t know what.

About 2 and a half months later, because I noticed him pulling away, I again asked if everything was OK. He said he was worried about us, since he knows we have been together almost a year and we are both at the same age, and didn’t know what to do since he still didn’t feel like he was in love. He said his friends noticed he is so happy with me, and he even said has never felt this level of peace with anyone before, that I get him and that we really connect. But he feels like he can’t move forward till he feels like he’s in love, and doesn’t know what to do, he needs a 100% passion.

After a lot of soul searching I told him that I feel like for now, we need to say good bye since its not working, and he hesitantly agreed.

As he was leaving he started bawling and stood in my doorway for about 10 minutes, saying he doesn’t want to say good-bye. That he is speechless. I said I don’t either, but that its on him, and that I still believe in us and hope he figures it out when I’m not there.

Can I use the Law of Attraction to successfully bring him back to me, in a way where he finally realizes that he is in love and that I am the one he wants to be with? It’s been about a week and a half since we broke up and we have had no contact in that time.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

Through the Law of Attraction we align to experiences that match our frequency, a frequency that is made up of most predominant thoughts and emotions.

So, by thinking in a certain way, and feeling in a certain way, events, circumstances and people enter and leave our reality in order for us to continue thinking and feeling this way.

It’s interesting that when people first hear about the Law of Attraction, they usually believe that this Law causes change, rather than being a way that we recreate what we already think, and this confusion has made it very difficult for a lot of people to consciously change their experiences.

What many people are told when they try and apply the Law of Attraction, is that by visualizing their desires, their desires will manifest, and in essence this is sound advice.

However, the power of visualization does not come from the clarity of the imagined desire, it comes from matching your thoughts and feelings to the existence of the things you want, so that the Law of Attraction can align you to the circumstances that recreate them.

But it has to be remembered that the Law of Attraction aligns us to our frequency, which is made up of our way of thinking and our way of feeling, and any visualization exercise should never stop at the completion of the exercise, it should be used to change the way we think and the way we feel, so that our frequency matches the frequency of having our desires.

If you lacked money, there would be no point in visualizing wealth, only to return to the fear and worry that this lack of money causes you, as the Law of Attraction will not respond to your visualization, it will respond to your frequency, and if fear and worry exists within you, it shall be drawn to you.

Similarly, if you were insecure in your relationship, there would be no point in visualizing harmony, only to return to the insecurity that you had been feeling, as the Law of Attraction will not respond to your visualization, it will respond to your frequency, and if insecurity exists within you, it shall be drawn to you.

To attract a different reality to the one you have been experiencing you must change the way you think and feel, you must adjust your frequency. You must think and feel in a way that matches your desires, not in a way that pushes them away, and as you do, the events, circumstances and people shall enter and leave your reality in order for you to continue thinking and feeling this way.

So how do you get him back?

Our reality is brought to us by thinking and feeling in a certain way, however, the events, circumstances and people that align to us in order to match our frequency are completely out of our control.

This is because we are dealing with a Law, and as it is through Law that you align to experiences, so it must be through Law that we all align to experiences. And if the Law responds to your frequency, it must respond all of our frequencies. So, as we all think and feel, the Law of Attraction aligns to us the things that recreate our thoughts and emotions.

If you understand this, you will see that there is no adjustment that you can make to your thoughts and feelings that will manifest in his reality. That would defy Law.

You create your reality, and you do it through thought, and no one can align you to an experience that does not match the way you have been thinking.

But as we all offer different experiences to one another, there must be something within the Law of Attraction that allows us to manifest within each other’s realities.

This is true, as we omit a frequency we align to an experience, and more often than not that experience is shared by another. So, as we all exist within Law, the experiences that we share must also match the frequency of the people with which we share them. In other words, our shared realities cooperate with the vibration of the people within that reality.

For example, I may think and feel worried about a relationship and my partner may feel secure and harmonious. As a result of these differing frequencies, our relationship will either exist, offering me circumstances to feel worried and offering my partner circumstances to feel secure, or the relationship will cease to exist, allowing me to align with a better cooperating, worrisome reality, and allowing my partner to align to a better cooperating, secure and harmonious reality.

There are no hard and fast rules about how realities shall mould around us, and no one can predict the best cooperating source of our experiences, all we can know is that by holding a certain frequency, we shall align to events, circumstances and people that will help to recreate that frequency.

So the question has to be, “What experience do you desire?” Not with whom, when, or what would you like it, simply, “What experience do you desire?”

And when you can answer that question, as yourself, “What will I think and feel when I have that desire?”

Then focus your thoughts and feelings as if you already had that desire, regardless of whether it yet existenced, and as you do, you shall recreate it as a part of your reality.

So what about this relationship?

If we accept that you cannot alter another reality by changing what you think and feel. But, as we think and feel we align to people who cooperate with our shared realities, could it be the case that this person has left your reality because he cannot cooperate with the experience you are recreating with your thoughts and emotions?

It would be impossible for me to know your thoughts and feelings during the time of this breakup, and as I have already said, no one can predict the best source of the experiences we align to, but it does strike me that you offered this relationship a share of doubt and insecurity.

My concern would be that as you have noticed parts of the way he acts that worry you and you are unsure of his feelings, your desire of the best, most ideal and perfect relationship, has not been matched by your thoughts and emotions., And if it has not been a part of your frequency, how could you recreate it in your reality?

When it comes to relationships of any kind you will be far better served if you notice, think and feel about the best of what these relationships offer you, and switch your focus away from what is unwanted. By doing this you only offer the frequency of what you like in others, so that they can only cooperate with this reality.

I hope that you have found this information useful, and if you have any thoughts, or if anyone has any thoughts, please join in and add a comment below…


John Peace

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