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I thank you from bottom of my heart for teaching me these lesson. Thank you so much. I’m having problem with the EFT. Means I cant feel any change in my problem of stiff tongue. When I get nervous, my words become like this "j j j jets" or "p p p pen". I worked out EFT on this but problem appears with same intensity.

I followed every step but still i have that problem. Plz guide me through this coz it looks very embarrassing.

Law-of-Attraction-Guide Reply

I am no expert on EFT, it is just a technique that helps people to come to terms with negative emotions. But I would suggest that you continue to use EFT, but rather than trying to tap the problem of a stiff tongue you instead delve deeper into your issue.

When I describe the Law of Attraction, I would tell someone that the Law of Attraction is the way that our experiences align to us as a match to our focused thoughts and feelings. In other words, how we think causes what we experience, our thoughts are cause and the experiences we have is the effect.

If then the Law of Attraction is the mechanism to which we align to certain experiences, and it is through that mechanism that our thoughts become things, there would be no use in trying to change the things, in order to change the experience, as things do not align things. It is our thought that is cause, and our experience that is the effect, and to alter the effects, we must change our thoughts.

In other words you must focus on the nervousness and embarrassment you feel when you are preparing to speak, rather than trying to change your speech.

In fact, I would recommend that you try and embrace your speech issue, not as a negative, but rather a positive sign that you still have negative issues to deal with when it comes to expressing yourself publicly.

It was Carl Jung who said, “what you resist, persists”, and this is a true way of reflecting on the way that the Law of Attraction works, because as you try to stop something, you must notice it, then think about and then inevitably feel about it. So as you resist something you think and feel about it, and as you think and feel about a thing the Law of Attraction simply aligns you to an experience that matches your thoughts and feelings, and of course this means that you re-attract it.

When you practice your EFT exercise look at some of the issues that you feel causes your stiff tongue.

Some examples can be found in your question, “I get nervous, and it looks embarrassing”. But I am sure that you can find more.

If you remember the first set of exercises in the QuickStart program you would have had an intention that could have gone something like the following….

"I want to have to be able to speak without having a stiff tongue."

If this is an intention, what are the limiting beliefs associated with this intention?

I don't know how I can do it...
I am nervous when I speak….
It makes me feel ashamed…
I feel embarrassed when I try to speak…

You may even find that the reasons for the thoughts and feelings about speaking in public go much deeper than your feelings about your stiff tongue. For example, do you feel shy about expressing your opinion, or do you belief that your ideas are not that valuable? And such limiting beliefs could even be attributed to a time and place in which your opinions and ideas were mocked or disregarded when you were very young.

I know that when I was about 7 years old I disagreed with a teacher and she laughed at my opinion in front of the class. This very small event had an effect in the way I expressed myself in the future. In my case, if this was still causing a problem with my personality I would EFT the feelings surrounding me at the time of this event.

I hope some of these ideas help you to overcome your issue.

With Gratitude

John Peace

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