Use The Law of Attraction To Make Him Passionate

by Joss

Do I have to align my thoughts and actions with the same emotions of passion and jealousy in order to attract and receive that from my husband? Once I see he's receptive, how do I keep him responding with the chase and jealousy?

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You cannot make someone act in a certain way, they are responsible for their thoughts, their feelings and ultimately their reality.

Of course, from time to time people’s attitudes to each other do change, and sometimes they change because of the influence of others, which seems to contradict the Law of Attraction. But as you’ll see, even if someone appears to be ‘changed’ by another, the processes all follow Law.

We all think and feel, and our thought and emotions become the way we vibrate, and it is to this vibration that the Law of Attraction aligns cooperative events to us to help us to maintain our frequency.

An easy to see analogy of this process would be someone’s attitude towards money, particularly if this person was experiencing a lack of money.

This person could receive a utility bill, open it in dread, think about how they could not afford this bill, and worry about what they were going to have to go without. As they thought in lack about this bill and felt fear and worry about their finances, they would be adding lack, fear and worry about money to their vibration, and in response to this vibration, the Law of Attraction will align them to cooperative events, to help them maintain their lack, fear and worry frequency.

The word cooperative is important, because this is a Law of vibration in which all who hold a frequency, align to events that they are in harmony with. Therefore, to be a Law, every event that happens must match the vibration of all who experience it.

If the Law of Attraction aligns us to a reality that matches our vibration, and as our vibration is made up of our thought and emotions, it seems logical that by changing what we think and feel, we will ultimately change what we experience.

Very true, and as the Law of Attraction aligns to us the cooperative events, all we can do is change our thought, so that the best match to what we are thinking is aligned.

For example, for someone to attract a change in finances, they would have to change the way they thought and felt about money, but this change in vibration does not align a chosen source of the money they’ll receive, it simply aligns them to a cooperating source of better finances.

In other words, we may change our thoughts and feelings about money and ultimately align to a more abundant future, but it is not for us to choose where this money is to come from.

In your case, you are thinking and feeling a lack of passion in your experience, and as a result, your vibration contains the thought and emotion about the passion you do not have. As a result of your vibration, your husband has become the cooperating part of your experience that helps you to maintain these feelings of a passionless existence.

Your husband has become the best source of the passion you are missing.

As the Law of Attraction align you to a reality that matches your vibration, and as your vibration is made up of your thought and emotions, it seems logical that by changing what you think and feel, you will ultimately change what you experience.

Very true, but as the Law of Attraction aligns to you cooperative events, all you can do is change your own thought, so that the best match to what you are thinking is aligned to you.

Obviously the best way to change the experience passion you now have, would be to change the way you think and feel about passion, but as the change in your vibration does not align the chosen source of the passion you’ll receive, but it does align you to passion, it does not mean that your husband will become the best cooperating part of your new passionate experience.

You see, if you change the way you think and feel in order to change him, if he is unable to cooperate with the experience you are aligning to straight away, you will either notice that he is not changing, and add that to your vibration, and of course align to more events in which he does not change, or if you are very good of maintaining a vibration of something you have not got, he can either become exactly what you think and feel, or as an uncooperative part of the new frequency you have jumped to, he might just have to vibrate right out of there.

As I said in your previous question, focus on the parts of him that please you. It may be a slower process, but it does give you a much better opportunity to grow and gel together.

Of course, you might want to adopt a vibration of passion, and you might yearn for his chase, but if you jump your frequency quickly, and if he joins you quickly, you may have opened a can of worms that you might just not be able to keep the lid on.

Don’t worry about getting it done, the journey is supposed to be fun,

With Gratitude

John Peace

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